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Useful SEOW Resources

This site contains a wealth of information on SEOW, what it is and how to use it. Take a look at the Forums, Mission Planners, Wikis, Manuals and Downloads links above.

To maximize your SEOW experience in IL-2, we recommend using the latest Team Daidalos release of IL-2 1946 together with the latest HSFX Mod (Expert Mode). This will provide the code extensions required for SEOW cumulative ship damage, artillery barrages, strategic radar, enhanced technics & flight models, and more.

TeamSpeak 3 Server

Thanks to the support of ITA-SEOW, SEOW HQ has a new TeamSpeak 3 server address. The connection details are as follows:
   Address: (updated port number!)
   Password: seow
Once again, great thanks to 22GCT for providing this service to SEOW HQ, and to Gross and Lucatuz in particular.

Software and Documentation Upgrades

I am now upgrading the complete SEOW HQ software set (including all forums and wikis), to keep the site secure against spam and hack attacks. This means there will some changes in look, feel and functionality, but where possible all the information will be carried over into the new versions.

Regarding the Wiki pages, the SEOW Wiki documentation is available in three language packs: English, French and Italian. These three Wiki sites are now hosted here at SEOW HQ. This is a permanent arrangement now so please update your bookmarks.

We express our sincere thanks to C6-Katana who established the SEOW Wiki concept and hosted it so well for many years. Katana has done some excellent and fundamental work for SEOW over the years. Apart from the Wiki, Katana gave the SEOW DCS the basic workflow design and functionality that we have today, building on the revolutionary work done in the early days of SEOW by RAF74_Wall-dog. Thank you Katana!

We also want to thank C6-Dore for his tireless efforts in maintaining and developing the Wiki documentation sets over the years. We know that Dore will stay involved, and we all benefit through his work. Thanks JP!