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Can Airbase Types be substitued ?

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Can Airbase Types be substitued ?

Postby Kopfdorfer » Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:24 pm


As usual I must preface my question with the "The answer may be apparent and simple , but is not self evident to me" disclaimer.

Is it possible using the SEDB and NOT the FMB+ or a Map making version of IL2 , to substitute one type of airbase for another ?

I understand the possibility of varying the infrastructure and defensive layouts of the bases , but I am looking for something at a more fundamental level.

Point in question. The Philippines Map (which I am very fond of) in HSFX is modelled roughly for the 1944-45 campaign period.

I would like to adapt it for the 1941-42 Period.
Historically speaking , many of the airbases on it were not in use in the intended time frame.
Further more , the configurations , surfaces , lengths , etc are not historically accurate. I would like to edit and adjust existing airfield configurations
for more historical ones for this time frame.

I am hoping it is possible to :
a) substitute one airbase/airfield layout for another in the SEDB that will then be programmed into the SEOW Template AND/OR
b) I can build the airfield layout I desire in the FMB then have that substituted for an existing layout or build it where it was historically , even though the
map builder chose not to include it.
c) Delete the historically inaccurate airbases from the SEDB.

Are any of these goals possible through the SEDB ?

Thanks for all the patient answers to my queries.

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Re: Can Airbase Types be substitued ?

Postby IV/JG7_4Shades » Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:30 pm

Hi Kopfdorfer,

The airbase support in SEOW is primarily controlled through the Airbase_Layouts table and the Airbases table in the SEDB database. Essentially, all these tables do is tell SEOW how to adorn various map locations in-game and how to route aircraft takeoffs and landings. It is important to note that SEOW cannot remove airbases that already exist in the FMB map, but it can add new airbases via the SEOW temporary airbases mechanism.

The Airbase_Layouts table contains a set of layouts designed by SEOW developers to help populate each existing FMB airbase. These contain parking places, fuel stores (virtual) and other sundry items of furniture. If the layout for a particular base doesn't meet your needs then you have the option of creating a brand new layout for that base, or tweaking the existing one.

The Airbases table is basically a list of all defined airbases across all supported maps, their locations and what layout should apply to each base. A single layout can be applied to many bases, so if you do alter an existing layout the changes will apply to all associated airbases.

You can disable particular airbases in your campaign simply by adjusting the relevant record(s) in the Airbases table, but the airbases will still appear in-game. If you really want the airbases to disappear you need to edit the FMB map and issue a new mod.

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Re: Can Airbase Types be substitued ?

Postby Kopfdorfer » Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:26 am

That's what I thought.
All hope is once again dashed !
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