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SEOW source code access and updates with SVN

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SEOW source code access and updates with SVN

Postby IV/JG7_4Shades » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:02 am

With the recent changes at Sourceforge, the SEOW source code is now housed under an SVN repository at Sourceforge. This means that the methods we previously used to maintain updated copies of the Mission Planner are no longer valid. So let's see what we can do with the new SVN system.

Inspect the source code
As for the old CVS system, the source code can be browsed at the address https://sourceforge.net/p/seow/seow_code/HEAD/tree/. The source code tree includes the MP, the DCS and the DB and can be navigated using a simple folder interface inside your web browser. Easy. You can even download individual files.

Download the source code trees
You can download the complete source code trees and keep synchronised/updated versions on your machine/server using a lightweight client-side tool called TortoiseSVN. This is a very simple and efficient way of making local copies of, e.g., the Mission Planner from the official development versions at Sourceforge.

How to make a local updated copy of the MP
There are a few recommended steps:

1. Download and install TortoiseSVN client from TortoiseSVN.net. This modifies your Windows Explorer to add extra commands to your right-click menu on files/folders.
2. Make a new folder in the web root directory of the web server where you want your MP to be created.
3. Right-click on the new folder and choose "SVN Checkout ..." This will open a new "Checkout" window. Put the following into the "URL of repository" box "svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/seow/seow_code/SEMP" (remove the quote marks). Make sure "Checkout Depth" is "Fully recursive" and that "Revision" is set to "HEAD revision". Hit OK.
4. Wait for the checkout to finish, maybe an hour or so because the MP is over 5 GB now. This grabs a complete set of the latest MP files from Sourceforge using a read-only account and puts the files in your new folder.
5. Configure your local MP settings (DB server logins etc) as normal. Done!!!

If you ever want to update/synchronise your MP with the latest features in the Sourceforge MP version, just right-click on your MP folder and select "SVN update". This will download whatever files have been changed since your last checkout or update.

How to contribute source code to SEOW
You will need an SVN client installed, like TortoiseSVN, but you will also need a Sourceforge account to provide you with write-access to the SEOW SVN repository. You need to contact me (4Shades) to organise this. Once you have an authenticated account you can checkout the SEOW source code trees, make your own revisions/branches and merge with Sourceforge SEOW repository like you would with any SVN development project. For the DCS, Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 is the IDE used.

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Re: SEOW source code access and updates with SVN

Postby PA-Dore » Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:41 pm

Very easy Mike! Thanks a lot^^
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