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Unternehmen Adler - an SEOW Campaign Idea

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Unternehmen Adler - an SEOW Campaign Idea

Postby Kopfdorfer » Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:56 pm

Hey Guys,

Long time no post , but never a long time between thoughts and ideas for SEOW.

Here is an idea for consideration : Unternehmen Adler - the plan to kidnap Winston Churchill

Based on the fabulous novel by Jack Higgins...

The Date is early November 1943.
Himmler suggests to Hitler to bring the war to a favourable end in the west by kidnapping Winston Churchill.
Hitler is intrigued by the idea.
Admiral Canaris , Head of the Abwehr (German Military Intelligence) is rightly skeptical of the practicality of the
suggestion , but with his hand forced by Himmler , he must carry out a feasibility study of the prospect.
He assigns the study to Ostfront veteran Obstlt Max Radl , who determines that the chance exists as Churchill will
be inspecting RAF bases along the Norfolk coast.
Synchronicity rears its head , and inevitably the plan is put into motion...

Can the Germans locate and capture or assassinate Winston Churchill , using a net of special operatives , and a
Knight's Cross Holder of the Fallschirmjager Korps (Obst Kurt Steiner) , who (along with his loyal Fallschirmjager)
is in disgrace for rescuing a Jewish girl in the Warsaw Ghetto ?

Can the Allies uncover and foil the plan ?

This SEOW Concept features a structure of spies , doubles , complex transportation , and timing.
Most of the simulation will be in intelligence gathering , reconnaissance evaluation and transport coordination.

The Campaign is to occur over a 3 day period , with 7 Daylight Turns and 2 Night Turns per Campaign Date ,
totalling 25 Turns.
The Germans will be required to engineer several "meetings" , in order to put "Adler" into motion , and must in the
meantime locate Winston Churchill with Recon Flights , Submarine Signallers , and Spies.

The Allies must protect Churchill while accomplishing his inspection tour , using their own spies , SOE (Special
Operations Executive) Men , Home Guard, and American Rangers. They must hunt down the German Agents ,
submarines and Recon Flights.

The Allies will gather information on the continent with their own spies , and cause problems to German unit
movements with French Resistance.

German Bodenstandige Troops and SS men will hunt down the French Resistance.

OOB to come.

Any thoughts and ideas are welcome.

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Re: Unternehmen Adler - an SEOW Campaign Idea

Postby IV/JG7_4Shades » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:09 am

Interesting. But how do you anticipate the Churchill visits to be handled, and how can the Axis forces determine his movements?

Maybe a Churchill visit is only valid if he stays for 1 or 2 hours at a Control Point. Maybe the Axis forces are informed somehow that Chruchill has visited a CP location, sometime after the visit...

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Re: Unternehmen Adler - an SEOW Campaign Idea

Postby Kopfdorfer » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:39 pm

Yes 4Shades, I also thought that presence within CPs could be used to track Churchill.
I don't think it's important for the Axis to know how many he has visited , as long as the admin knows somehow and keeps track.

I intended that several spies/signallers , recon flights and submarines would attempt to locate the Churchill Column , and because he will be in a limited area of the map and with limiting movement to roads and rail , I think they will have a crack at sighting him.

Also , as per the book (and Movie) , there is a Churchill double Column which the Axis will see (even if reconned) as Churchill.
(This will require a duplicate OMD entry with a different verbose name for the Allies , but an identical entry for the Axis as the real Churchill Column.) There will be Col Pitts and his US Rangers in the vicinity to take on the FSJ , with British Home Guard to assist and hunt down the German agents.

The other side of the hill has the Germans required to achieve a series of meetings between Canaris and Radl , Radl and Himmler ,
Radl and Devlin , Radl and Steiner in order to put "Adler" into motion. So they will be driving , flying , taking trains about the French countryside as well as trying to achieve all the necessary rendezvous , with spies tracking their movements and Maquis trying to slow
them down so they are behind schedule , or destroy vital equipment (like the captured C-47) intended to drop the FSJ in England.
Meanwhile Gestapo and Bodenstandige Troops will be hunting the spies and Maquis.

Setting a time limit for Churchill at the bases is a possibility I hadn't considered.
I had envisioned the Campaign as 3 days max , so I'll have to actually calculate and test how much movement Churchill can actually accomplish in that time frame.
3 Days , 7 Day Missions , 2 Night Missions per Campaign Date ,
0600 Nov 4 , 1943 to 2000 Nov 6 , 1943 - 25 Missions in Total.

This is more a "Cat and Mouse" or "Cloak and Dagger" sort of campaign than a combat Campaign (though there should be some shooting , especially once Churchill is located).
I had also envisioned both Industrial Production and Dynamic Supply Tracking to be disabled for this campaign.

I intend for the opposing sides to NOT have detailed OOBs for the other side.
I will write a brief for each side with some information on the OOB , but it will intentionally be not 100% accurate.
I AM compiling an OOB , and because it is liable to change and it will create fog of war by doing so , I will reveal
what I have in mind soon.

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