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Meta-map name length constraint

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Meta-map name length constraint

Postby IV/JG7_4Shades » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:37 am

I was testing a new meta-map set at Klagenfurt Airfield today. I generated the neta-map from the IL2 Slovenia map and called it "Klagenfurt Airfield" (map verbose name) which led to the meta-SEOW map ID "KLAG_5km_104_215_s". All was built successfully and seemed ok in the IF Editor. Then I established an SEOW campaign and generated a meta-SEOW mission, which was built under the name "KlagenfurtAirfield-194409150800.KLAG_5km_104_215_s" (in MISSION.MAPID format).

Everything is as expected to this stage. When opening the mission in the editor (to do the Export to Multiplayer Mission step) I noticed that IF was truncating the last character in the mission title, i.e. instead of saving under
it was saving under

So let's look at the constraint here. We see that the mission title above has been truncated to 30 characters in length. The mission title that SEOW uses is given by the following formula:

MAPVERBOSE is the verbose map name with space characters removed, i.e. "KlagenfurtAirfield"
SEQUENCE is the SEOW date+time sequence number YYYYMMDDhhmm, i.e. "194409150800" for 0800 hours on 15 Sep 1944. SEQUENCE is always exactly 12 characters in length.
"-" should not be forgotten!

To avoid IF truncating the mission name, we see that the MAPVERBOSE name should be no longer than 17 characters (30 - 12 - 1 = 17). "KlagenfurtAirfield" is 18 characters, so exceeded the allowed length. I should have called it "Klagenfurt AF" !!

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