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Welcome to the SEOWHQ Battle of France 1940 campaign. The Battle of France took place from May 10, 1940 to June 25, 1940 involved Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and Italy. This campaign will be run in the spirit of SEOWHQ, so anyone is welcome to participate as long as you read the following and adhere to very simple requirements.

IV/JG7_4Shades wrote:
Welcome to SEOW HQ, thanks for your interest in reading this.

Note: SEOW HQ is a forum about running specific SEOW campaigns in the HQ community. If you want to understand what SEOW software is, then visit the separate Official SEOW Forum.

SEOW HQ is a small community interested in advanced SEOW campaigning in the IL-2 simulation. We welcome new members at any time, but there are some entry requirements! Have a read below. If you think it sounds good and you want to get involved, then please register and help us out.

Here at SEOW HQ we want to concentrate on quality of experience, so we would be most interested in finding committed, seasoned and expert SEOW players to pursue this. For this campaign series, we are not interested in people who will only fly red, or must fly this plane or hate that plane etc. That detracts from everyone's enjoyment. If you know SEOW well, if you can operate in Indo-China as easily as in the Baltic, if you are comfortable issuing reinforcements and getting your supplies to your forward units, if you don't mind facing overwhelming odds and taking a beating sometimes, then you have got what it takes. Timezone location is immaterial, so we would be encouraging commanders from USA, Australia/NZ, Europe and anywhere else to get involved. This idea is not for an inter-squad war. This is all about skilled commanders working together for short- and long-term strategic goals, against an equally capable enemy.

In proposing this, in no way do we wish to denigrate the many different SEOW campaigns running around the world. SEOW is flexible and should be used by anyone in any way they please. We have no problems with that at all - we love it! But, in this community, we are trying to see what kind of experience we can generate with SEOW from the combined skills and energy of expert users.

So, to be truly involved in SEOW HQ, we require new members to get involved, add ideas, actively contribute design concepts and to play the campaigns in the HQ spirit. Don't bring squad members with you unless they also, individually, meet the requirements.


As 4Shades states this is a collaborative environment for people who love SEOW campaigns and are interested in high level complex campaign system. It is not about who wins but for our overall campaign experiences. So I hope we can achieve this in this campaign.

For our purposes we will be scaling some of the units down for playability factors and game limitations of both IL2/HSFX 7.03 and Iron Front Arma 2. The campaign will be run in different phases; phase I Battle of Holland and phase II Across the Meuse. For those of you interested in the historical background of the Battle of France below are some websites that may help in this effort.

Battle of Holland:

Battle of Belgium ... _of_battle

Battle of France ... _of_France


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I can hardly wait for this campaign to start!
When do you expect to get going?

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