Aircraft Paintschemes in SEOW Campaign

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Here is how to do it.

  1. Create a template with paintschemes (skins) defined for the first aircraft of each flight. SEOW will only take notice of the first skin in each flight. Some of Warg's reference templates include skins, e.g. "LendLease'43" and "HollowLegions II". SEOW takes no notice of aircraft numbering directives.
  2. Open your SEDCS and ensure that the "Use Aircraft Paintschemes (skins)" option is checked. This option is under the "Flight Modes" tab in SEDCS3 and under the "In-Game Environment" tab in SEDCS2.
  3. Initialize your campaign as normal.

Done! Now, inside the MP, all aircraft units will have their skin description added to the mouseover tooltip. Each aircraft flight will have its skin applied to all active planes in each mission. Consistent with high-alert battle conditions, flight skins cannot be changed mid-campaign.

  • Reinforcement Skins

All new flights commissioned from the reinforcement pool may have their skins assigned at commissioning time, using a new pull-down menu that appears in the MP "Reinforcements: Request New Unit" tool.


  • Skin Convention

By convention, SEOW assumes that any skin name starting with "$" is a numbered skin, i.e. numbering will disabled for AI-controlled aircraft in the flight, and human pilots will also have to turn numbering off. SEOW will provide text advising of this in the mission brief for each affected flight.

This is a great feature for cases where you are using aircraft types as surrogates for non-supported types, e.g. using the H8K Emily as a surrogate for a Sunderland. Just change the paintscheme to a blue and white skin, assign it to a RAF squadron and you have a believable Sunderland for your campaign!