Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence

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CCCI stands for "Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence" and was suggested by ViFF, among others.

Enable CCCI Movement Restrictions: With this enabled, army units may not be tasked to move (via the MP) unless they are within the Control Radius of a friendly unit (that is in supply) that has designated Command, Control, Communication & Intelligence (CCCI) capability. Airbases and Resupply Points also act as local sources of CCCI. CCCI is allocated to unit types according to the "Command_Control" field in the Object_Specifications table. If this feature is enabled, CCCI units will be identifiable on the MP map by the characters "(CC)" prepended to their unit names in the mouseover tooltips.

As of MP4 v4.610 and higher, the CCCI feature set is evolving in response to suggestions from various people, e.g. Petr, Brandle. The following features are now available in v4.623:

  • Having a Command_Control value greater than 1 will multiply the Control Radius to extend the CC influence range. For example, a single KV-1 may have a Command_Control value of 1 so its CC influence radius multiplier is 1, but a Company HQ Column may be set to have a Command_Control value of 3 so its CC influence radius multiplier is 3, i.e. it's CC influence is 3 times larger than the normal Control Radius.
  • Having a negative Command_Control value renders the object completely exempt from CC restrictions. Currently, aircraft, ships, trains and spies are autonomous (exempt from the need to be within CC radius of a control unit). But you might want to make some artillery/tank/vehicle/infantry units CC-restricted and not others. So put Command_Control=-1 for a T-34 and Command_Control=0 for a T-60 means that the T-60 requires CC from a nearby Control unit before it can move, but the T-34 can move autonomously (but not CC influence other units). Units with negative Command_Control values will have "(auto)" in their tooltips.

As of MP4 v4.710 and higher, CCCI units (designated with an 'H' icon) are able to influence the repositioning of friendly units anywhere within their CCCI radius, subject to the friendly unit's new position being located more than the 'enemy proximity distance' from the nearest enemy unit. To perform this, simply click on a unit near a friendly CCCI unit, then right-click and select the option to relocate the unit. Disabling the CCCI Movement Restrictions feature in the DCS will also disable the immediate repositioning function.