Command/Control: Rapid arrangement of units

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Command/Control Feature

From SEOW v3.2, the Command/Control feature is available. With this feature, some units may be given the ability to order nearby friendly units to change their locations immediately (via the MP between missions). This can be used to great effect in reorganizing naval task forces, and in changing defensive lines on the ground.

To support this feature, a new "Command_Control" field has been added to the Object_Specifications table. This field indicates those objects that are given the power to Command/Control nearby units. By default, this power is given to capital ships (carriers, cruisers, battleships) and a few vehicle types (command columns, radio cars), but designers are free to edit this field to give Command/Control to other object types as desired.

As of MP v4.710, Command Control has been altered to allow CC units the ability to reposition nearby friendlies without going through a dummy load/unload cycle. Now, friendly local units can be repositioned in the vicinity of CC units directly through the MP right-click menu. Units can not be moved too close to known enemy units, the minimum enemy proximity distance is set in the DCS under the Territorial Control tab. The Admin user can reposition all units without proximity restriction.