Factory Production and Reinforcements

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Availability:' SEDCS3.00(A), SEDB30, MP4-v4.285 or later


SEOW now supports a sophisticated industrial production feature that allows commanders to supplement their reinforcement streams by marshalling factories under their control. This is achieved by the following steps:

1) Enable Factory Production in the DCS "Production and Statistics" tab. Set the number of Production Points created by each factory per mission. Allied and Axis factories may produce at different rates.

2) Commanders that have control of factories can then use the MP "Logistics : Industrial" tool to order individual factories to produce war materiel of kinds that are already present on the sector.

3) Each unit type has its own cost per object, e.g. a single Bf-109E4B fighter may cost 10 points. Costs are specified in the Object_Costs table of the database. At the end of each mission, any factory that is undestroyed and "In Production" uses the Production Points just accrued, together with its carryover point balance to purchase the designated unit type. Any such units purchased are automatically placed in the nearest resupply point owned by the controlling force. Aircraft are placed in the nearest Air Supply point, ground units in the nearest Road Supply point, and Naval Units in the nearest Ship Supply point. Any unspent Production Points are placed in the factory's own balance account for the next mission.

4) Commanders may vary production orders at any time. Factories that are destroyed or captured lose all their point balances. Admins may vary factory production rates using the DCS sliders at any time during the campaign.

Of course, industrial installations are targetable in SEOW. Commanders can designate industrial areas for strategic bombing or for rocket barrages. Now, with industrial production turned on, there is a real strategic reason for getting recon on the enemy factories, working out which ones are producing the most vital supplies, and then destroying them to disrupt your enemy's plans. But remember to protect your own factories!

DCS 3.3.0 Extensions

If HSFX support is enabled, SEDCS v3.3.0 will allow the use of factory plate and partial damage factory objects. These are HSFX inclusions that sustain and log partial damage in the same way that HSFX ships log partial damage. The only way that SEOW allows the use of these objects is through definitions in the Industrial_Installations table. Here is how to use them:

  • Installation_Type = "Factory District Small" --> places a small factory plate (transparent) with partial damage tracking, with normal factory production
  • Installation_Type = "Factory District Medium" --> places a medium factory plate (transparent) with partial damage tracking, with twice normal factory production
  • Installation_Type = "Factory District Large" --> places a large factory plate (transparent) with partial damage tracking, with three times normal factory production
  • Installation_Type = "Factory Partial" --> places a factory building object with partial damage tracking, with normal factory production

The concepts behind the factory plates is that they simulate areal industrial production. They are very resilient to attack, so you need to carpet bomb them constantly to suppress their productivity. Unlike conventional SEOW factories, they produce even when damaged, and they repair themselves each mission according to the repair time. This is completely different to conventional factories which must be fully repaired before they can recommence production.

If the Location field contains the two characters "HQ", then the MP will hide the corresponding plate from enemy view. Otherwise, these factory objects are visible in MP and are targetable like all other industrial objects. Alternatively, as explained in SE Airbase Programming, the "[secret_x]" code can be used in the installation name to make the installation concealed from enemy eyes (until recon level goes above zero).