How to resupply your forces

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How do I resupply my unit?

You have two choices:

  1. Move the platoon to a source of supply; or
  2. Move a source of supply to your platoon.

Moving your unit to a source of supply

If your unit is an army unit, i.e. a platoon, then you must move it within the normal control radius of a supply resource. Your platoon will search for the following resources (in order of priority): 1. supply drops 2. freight transport units (carrying supplies) 3. fuel dumps (industrial installation fuel dumps) 4. airbases 5. resupply points (from offmap reserves) 6. any supplies carried as freight by the unit itself (last resort) Your platoon may use several such resources at any one time in order to satisfy its need for supplies.

If your unit is a naval unit, i.e. a flotilla, then you must move it within 10 km of a supply resource. Your flotilla will search for the following resources (in order of priority):

  1. fuel dumps (industrial installation fuel dumps)
  2. ship freighters carrying supplies
    Because of the very large amount of supplies required by shipping, especially capital shipping, ships will only take on supplies under specific circumstances. The conditions for ship supply are as follows:
    1. The ship is classified as capital or non-capital according to its maximum supply capacity. If maximum supply capacity > 100000 litres, then the ship is a capital ship. If the ship is non-capital, then it resupplies as much as it can get at all times, like platoons.
    2. Capital ships can only take on supplies if their supply holding is less than 20% of their maximum holding. Even then, if they take on supplies, they can only take on a limited amount of supplies per mission. The rate at which they can accept supplies is 5% of maximum supply capacity per mission.
      Here is an example. The Tirpitz is docked in port near some industrial fuel dumps. It is holding 21% of its supply capacity of 8.4 million litres, which equals 1764000 litres. In the first mission, its idle use is 0.03*8400000 = 252000 litres. At the end of the mission its holding is 1764000 - 252000 = 1512000 lites (18% of capacity), so it has fallen below the resupply threshhold. The Tirpitz seeks resupply from the nearby fuel dump. At most, the Tirpitz can seek 0.05*8400000 = 420000 litres as resupply per mission. Assuming the fuel dump contains at least this much supply, the Tirpitz ends the mission at 1764000 - 252000 + 420000 = 1932000 litres (23% of capacity).
      You can see that large amounts of supply are required to resupply capital ships, and it could take up to 20 hours to fully resupply a capital ship. Be careful how you use ships, and be extra careful about where you put them - if they are within 10 km of a fuel dump they can quickly drain it.

Moving a source of supply to your unit

Moving supply resources is fairly straightforward. You can easily order army transports to drop supplies within the normal control radius, just like unloading other freight. Air supply drops are possible, but, in general, ships do not unload supplies anywhere - they normally unload to industrial fuel dumps. Remember, supply drops are persistent until exhausted, and your enemy can use them too if they are discovered.