Initialize a Template

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To start a campaign, you need to initialize a template. This process is EASY:

1. start your DCS

2. point it at your DB

3. make sure the DB is clean (DCS: Flush Database)

4. go through the settings tabs to select your campaign settings

5. enter your desired host name and theatre name. Where it says HOST, make up a unique HOST system name. For example SE_YourName or SE_YourLocation or whatever you want. Then there is a theatre name, this is meant to distinguish your campaign, so use something catchy. The screenshot above shows this common naming convention. The Host Name is used as a prefix for missions created by this DCS PC. The Theatre Name is used to designate a single campaign.

6. hit the Initialize Campaign button, which should be highlighted once Host and Theatre have been filled out.

7. navigate to your template .mis file

8. choose the campaign start date in the calendar window that comes up.

The DCS will process the template and create all units. If your MP is pointed correctly at your DB, the battle will be ready commence!


Sometimes the DCS will complain if the template is improperly formatted, or if there are insufficient Army_Units defined for the particular sector map in question. If this happens, just flush the DB, correct the template and try again.