Making AI Aircraft Flyable

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SEOW contains a range of data for every aircraft type, including whether each aircraft type is human flyable or is AI-only. This information is held in the Object_Specifications table of the SEDB.

When creating missions in the MP, the system compiles briefings, loadouts, skin data etc for each planned flight. When the mission is built, SEOW writes all this information into the .properties file, but only if the aircraft type for the flight has "Human" control in Object_Specifications. This prevents the .properties file containing loads of spurious briefing information for flights that the pilots cannot see anyway. If you want to see ALL planned briefings, just set all aircraft to have Control="Human" in the Object_Specifications table.

Some pilots make use of the Mods for IL-2, in which case some previously AI-only aircraft become human flyable. If the DCS campaign setting "Enable HistorySFX Mod Objects" is ON, all aircraft briefings will appear in the SEOW mission .properties file, regardless of the Control setting in the Object_Specifications table. Flights will be listed as AIOnly in the mission file only if commanders have explicitly requested them to be AIOnly in the MP orders.