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The Aleutians

- Important: The SEOW Aleutians map was built from The Aleutians map v2.0. In HSFX 4.11 only the 1.0 version is available. You can use both of these maps in SEOW. In the v1.0 map, there's a bug with water - seaplanes cannot take off or land without damage. It seems that in this version water is considered as ice. The next HSFX release will include the new v2.0 map. If you use Aleutians map v2.0, change Aleutians/load.ini to ag_Aleutians/load.ini in Sector_Seasons table.

- 6 concrete airbases, 2 seaplanes airbases.

- Be very careful with AI automatic escort flights: There are many mountains around 5 or 6 airbases, when you order AI automatic escorts, the AI planes are waiting around the take-off point and may crash into a mountain. Use manual escort and put the first WP over the sea and respect the takeoff vector. There should be no problem with human pilots.

- No roads, no railways, no bridges.

- No factories exist in the v2.0 map and fuel dumps have different locations than in v1.0. So, the industrial table is empty. Campaign designers have to add their own Industrial_Installations table records, if desired.

Bay of Biscay

- Bridges: Some bridges are missing in France and in England: The bridge's objects are visibles but roads don't have the bridges'records (no negative Z). I did not captured the missing bridges because if they are destroyed, roads will be not cut.

- Railways: Only one rail blockage in the West of England.

- 18 airbases (9 in England, 9 in France), 0 seaplane airbase.


- As in the original map, factories (3 chimneys factories) are in the North-West and fuel dumps in the South-East. To change this, add objects (3 chimneys-factories and fuel dump) in the campaign template and edit the Industrial_Installations table accordingly.

- 4 large concrete airbases, 3 seaplane airbases.

- No railways between D4 to F4 and in the north-east F7 (SEOW map is correct)


No infrastructures (factories & fuel dumps) in the original ash_Battle of France map. Industrial infrastructures were added to the France_Online map according to the Industrial_Installations table. Use France 1940 Online (Ash) (PA_Dore)for SEOW campaigns.


Here is the Readme from autopilot, the KIEV_AP map maker:

What I decided to create was a new Kiev map, both summer and winter. using a more detailed and interesting terrain model. By removing 253 of the 405 bridges and reworked all the water to essentially one large river (the Dnieper River), but all the areas that had water will still look like wet lands (using textures) but vehicles will be able to cross them un restricted. This water change frees up a whole new dynamic with ground vehicles for guys who like huge tank battles and a dis-like the congestion of large convoys at bridges. More over this lack of bridges makes for a more fluid front line. I also added an Air field north of Koroston, in the north west corner as well as adding some new roads and long rail lines with much fewer choke points. ' If you are a ground-pounder like I am you will love this new map mod. And with 26 airfields air 2 air combat can be enormous. ' Historically Germany and her allies came in 1941 and withdrew in 1944 The Ukraine saw it all, the blitzkrieg of German might in 41 and the titanic forces of the Red Army's drive west after the German's withdrawal from the battle of Kursk in July 43. The final battle for Kiev started August 43 and ground to exhaustion in December 43. The Ukraine was hell all way.


- 44 grass airfields and 8 seaplane airbases

- AI are not able to land on Grobnik airbase (closed Fiume in AL8) because of mountains. No problem for humans pilots.

- All airfields are considered as "normal" (layout #501). To change to "Temporary airbases", edit Airbases table and change Airbase_Type to #1414

- Bridges are not considered as targets in this map: only the superstructures can be destroyed but the bridge deck stays.

- Winter and summer maps

- Sector_Dominance table: USA/Germany to be edited if needed

- Army_Units table: Generic table to be edited if needed

- 78 railway stations

- For more details: [1]