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As of MP4 v4.396, SEOW includes a feature set to support multi-sector campaigning. The feature revolves around the concept of Sector Operations Groups (SOGs), which are collections of sectors that are linked for multi-sector operations. For example, you might consider sectors Crimea and Kuban as comprising a SOG for the Black Sea. Creation and deletion of SOGs is easy using a new web form, but it can only be done by the MP administrator. SOGs are created with two (fixed) authorization accounts, Allied and Axis, with individual passwords. SOG commanders on both sides use these accounts to move reinforcements and supplies between sectors in the SOG, i.e. moving resources to sectors where they needed! Here's how it works.

Configuring SOGs - (admin responsibility)

On the front page of the MP there is a link to "General HQ" along the top line of links. This link will take you to a list of "General Headquarters Tools". One tool is called "Sector Operations Group Configuration (admin access only)". This is where the MP administrator sets up the SOGs to be used. The password is the same as the usual MP configuration password used for database setup. The following image shows some examples of SOGs created using this tool. Each sector can only belong to one SOG at a time. Note how each SOG has the same login names, but potentially different passwords.


SOGs can be created and deleted easily. Once created, the list of sectors below can be used to associate any sector with any SOG. These associations are not binding, you can associate a sector with any SOG at any time during a campaign, or remove it at any time. There are no synchronizations of campaign date between sectors in a SOG - each sector can run its own campaign date completely independently of other sectors in its SOG, yet resources can still be shared between sectors in a SOG.

Managing SOGs - (command responsibility)

A second tool in the "General Headquarters Tools" page is the "Sector Operations Group Management (SOG Commanders)" tool. SOG commanders log in here using their respective Allied and Axis passwords. In the image below, you will see the Allied SOG commander's login. There are three parts to this Management tool. At the bottom is a status listing of all the sectors associated with this SOG. Sectors must have an active campaign and have recently accomplished an Analyze cycle to qualify for resource sharing. At least two sectors must be qualified before resource sharing can proceed. Once this is achieved, two more forms above the status listing become visible. These are the "Supply Reserves Management" and "Reinforcements Management" forms. These forms work from the left to the right. In the left drop-down box you select the resource to move, in the middle drop-down box you select how much of the resource to move, and in the right drop-down box you select where to move the resource to. Once all three selections are made, a yellow "Commit" button appears which executes the resource transfer. Resource transfers take effect immediately on execution of the Commit (there is no campaign delay on activation of resource transfers).


Reinforcement resources are identified from the reinforcement pools in each sector at that time. With this mechanism, factory production (and fuel reserves) in one sector can easily be transferred another sector. You cannot easily transfer reinforcements between Resupply Points in the same sector.

SEOW v3.2 Extensions

"SOG Active" Resupply Points

From SEOW v3.2 on, resupply points can be designated individually to be "SOG Active" or not. If designated as SOG Active, they will appear as locations for transfers between sectors in the SOG Management tool. If not designated as SOG Active, then they will function purely as local supply points within their own sector and will not be visible in the SOG Management tool. That means campaign designers can specify which resupply points on the campaign sectors can be used to transfer units into or out of the sector, and which cannot.

Immediate Carrier Transfers

Furthermore, transferring a fully laden aircraft carrier between sectors was time-consuming. This was because the recommissioning of the carrier in the destination sector required all flights to be flown onto the carrier from reinforcement points, taking one mission + refueling time with significant chance for flying/landing accidents. Now there is a feature that transfers newly commission flights directly and immediately to the carrier without the need for flights. This "Immediate Carrier Transfer" feature is enabled (with a MP notification) if the flight is being commissioned from a supply point that is within 30 km of the destination aircraft carrier. The commander will still have to commission and deploy all aircraft to the carrier, but the transfer will happen immediately in the MP without the need for refueling times or a mission having to be run.

Things to remember if you want to be able to transfer carriers and their aircraft easily between sectors

1. Define ship and air supply points within 30 km of each other out at sea in the destination sectors.

2. Make these supply points SOG Active.

3. Withdraw your carrier at a SOG Active withdrawal point in the first sector; the carrier, its fuel supply will be placed in OffMap Reserves and all its aircraft will be placed in the nearest air supply point in that sector. Make sure the air supply point is also SOG Active.

4. Use the SOG tool to transfer the carrier and all the aircraft to the destination sector SOG Active supply points. Move the fuel supplies too if you want.

5. Enter the destination sector map in the MP. Commission the carrier at the Ship Supply point. Commission all the aircraft reinforcements at the nearby Air Supply point, using the new carrier as the destination for each flight. You will see an alert of 'This flight qualifies for instant transfer to the destination carrier.' for each flight.

6. Voila! The carrier is loaded with all flights in place ready for immediate action.

SEOW v3.3 Extensions

Constrained Resupply Points

The MP now allows the admin user to place a range of constraints on the operation of supply points. These include the ability to:

prevent certain object types from using particular supply points
limit the loadouts used by objects operating from the supply points
limit the fuel load used by objects operating from the supply points

Transit Delays

The SOG tools now allow transit delays to be specified for transfers between different sectors. For example, if is possible to specify that a 1 hour delay be in place for transfers between Ardennes and France, but 12 hours between Ardennes and Gothic Line (Italy). Transit delays only affect combat materiel; supply transfers are immediate.