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The Latest Official Release Versions:

HSFX 7.0.3

SEDCS v7.2.8 <=== changed 10 November 2016

MP4-v7.2.37 <=== changed 07 December 2016

Statistics v7.2.4 <=== 10 November 2016

SEDB72b <=== changed 13 September 2015

HSFX 6.017

SEDCS v6.0.15 <=== changed 12 July 2013

MP4public v6.0.66 <=== changed 01 September 2013

Statistics Tool v6.0.1 <=== changed 12 April 2013

SEDB60A + Darwin_update + Thailand + Burma + WF44_update + Battle of Moscow <=== changed 08 August 2013


SEDCS v6.0.8 <=== changed 02 February 2013

MP4public v6.0.13 <=== changed 05 February 2013

Statistics Tool v6.0.0 <=== changed 11 November 2012

SEDB60 + Darwin_update + Thailand + Burma + WF44_update <=== changed 06 January 2013

DCS v6.0.6 correcting a string handling error in the Map Loader

DCS v6.0.5 Runway lights were not always being placed when the daylight and weather conditions indicated they should be placed. A bad CloudType reference has been corrected

DCS v6.0.4

  • Added handler to basMissionBuilder.subInitiateGroundMission() for case where no NewWaypoints entries match GroupMissionData entry - unit is made a Stationary (Hawk_5)
  • Enhanced the DCS Undo tool to work correctly for Undoing Build and Initialize operations.
  • Updated DCS Credits screens to show latest MP libraries
  • Added new icon to DCS forms.
  • Updated DCS Calendar Control for campaign initialization - for backward compatibility!
  • Finally got "Remove DB" feature working (salute to Katana!)

DCS v6.0.3

  • Hard-coded bounds on jump altitudes for paratrooper assaults. Now, assaults must take place between 300 - 1500 m altitude. Lower or higher will result in loss of ALL paratrooper units deployed in the jump.
  • Bug corrrected in Overwhelming Force algorithm
  • New "Undo" tool for undoing Build/Analyze operations. This works OK in emergencies, but is not 100% safe as it cannot account for supply and industrial production changes perfectly accurately.

MP v6.0.5

  • Added runway length to Airbase tooltips (Hawk_5)
  • Added mapping updates for Africa_NE, Crete and WestFront44 (Dore)
  • Added revised Tools page and Maps page (Dore)
  • Updated Credits page
  • Burma map support (Dore)
  • Added support for display of Sector_Design_Notes (Dore)
  • Added altitude validation code for assault flights: setTask and setAlt
  • Added static camera icon support (Zoi)
  • Updated West Front 44 mapping support (Dore)
  • Corrected Fall Gelb unit relocation distance (Devill)
  • Released v1.0 of Technics Processor Tool

Quick Overview v6.0.0

In addition to all the previous functionality, SEOW now:

  • supports 77 different sectors
  • supports all aircraft, ground and sea objects defined in TD4.11.1 and HSFX6.0
  • handles indirect-fire artillery barrages
  • tracks and manages vehicle columns and trains with up to 32 members including effects of partial damage
  • incorporates a tool for displaying and analyzing technics files and exporting results as SQL commands for updating the SEOW database
  • supports radio-controlled runway lights
  • calculates and displays crew losses for all air, sea and ground combat units
  • supports all aircraft loadout combinations, with the ability to limit fuel loads per individual weapons loadout
  • displays artillery firing arc data on-map
  • allows units to be renamed arbitrarily

and much much more.

HSFX 5.01

SEDCS v3.3.9 <=== changed 22 November 2011

MP4 v4.800 <=== changed 24 Dcember 2011

Statistics v1.162 <=== changed 26 November 2011

SEDB33C <=== changed 24 December 2011


  • Italy_Greece Support.(PA-Dore)


  • Contains all the minor data tweaks people have reported since SEDB33A release, e.g. adjusted AircraftLoadout and Airbase_Layouts, corrected errors in Airforce_Units etc.

MP4public v4.794 This release consolidates the various patches since v4.773 into one single download, plus also adds:

  • New large-scale map image for Crimea (Hawk5)
  • Improved text layout for Stalingrad sector airbases

SEDCS v3.3.9

  • Added campaign notices for drivable vehicle smoke events (Brandle)
  • Corrected overwriting of Unit Names for drivable vehicles
  • Corrected destroyed bridge bug in basMissionBuilder.subAdvanceUnit() (Badger)'
  • Removed alert in subActionShipEvent() to do with temporary runways (Badger)
  • Corrected logfile overwrite error in subPurge()
  • Corrected windsock placement (Badger); now 2 sirens will be placed for each runway, one at each windsock. The central siren placement is deprecated.

MP v4.793

  • Added a test to getMouseXY() for out of supply units
  • Corrected isInCCCI() for spy units (Sjonnie)
  • Extra Iwo Jima support by Hawk5
  • Added CoopGenerator template properties files to the CVS tree.
  • Added tool to allow Admin user to change unit names (Brandle)
  • Corrected editSchedMissions tool to prevent it breaking supply point fuel restrictions. (Badger)
  • Made the editSchedMissions() div appear next to the relevant SchedMission.
  • Corrected regexp formatting in UnitSelector drop down.
  • Added code in reinforcement tools to strip trailing quotes from some aircraft regiments. This problem seems to be caused by failures of the PHP addslashes() call used for ADOODB in MP-SQL.php.

Statistics v1.161

  • Correct the initialization of the interrogation flag for no-combat missions in MP-MissionDetails.php (Hitcher)

MP v4.789

  • Added proximity test for temporary airbases in BaseName() function (JG26_Nuke)
  • Removed secret factories from waypoint target selector (independent of factory recon level) (PA_Dore)
  • Corrected font colour for weather tooltip
  • Added space character for freighter tools to separate Qty from Wt.
  • Improved some more character formatting in transporter tooltips.
  • Added freight repacking functions to MP-Misc.php - these are called by MP-UnitBearing.php, MP-FreightLoader.php and MP-FreightUnloader.php to ensure that freight follows the movements of transporting units. (Luny)
  • Added glider flights to air movements in SchedMissions.
  • Improved mapping support for Iwo Jima.
  • Improved handling of glider flights.
  • Removed (Withdraw) airbases from reinforcement destination list (PA_Dore)
  • Added more information to isInCCCI() functionality. Now HQ ranges are shown for airbases and Road Supply Points, and if the commander tries to click waypoints for a unit out of CC an alert is issued.

Statistics v1.161

  • Corrected total aircrew loss values in MP-CumulativeLosses.php
  • Ensured that background style mapping for "damaged" events works across language packs in MP-MissionDetails.php.
  • Added language translations to PilotStatus in Mission History table of MP-PilotDetails.php

SEDCS v3.3.7

  • Added wind dispersion to paratrooper assault landing positions (Luny)
  • Corrected subAllocateAirLosses to take captured airframes into account (JG26_Nuke)
  • Corrected loadout code for top-ups
  • Added support to track and store AI crew dispositions
  • Added modUtilities.packFreight() routine to ensure that freight follows the freighter!

SEDCS v3.3.6

  • This version *requires* the new AI_Crew_Disposition table to be present in the DB

MP4 v4.781

  • Added a proximity check for temporary airbases in freight tools. This brings freight loading/unloading distances for these airbases into the normal distance limits. Thanks to JG26_Nuke for noticing the bug.

SEDCS v3.3.5

  • Revised reporting of recon events to Campaign_Notices (JG26_Nuke)
  • Corrected non-pilot crew member error for enforced landings and recon/paratrooper/supply missions.
  • Revised Complex Ground Movement classifications to group armour classes (T*) with mechanized infantry (VMI) under a new heading of "Tracked" vehicles, replacing the old "Armour"-specific heading (Brandle)

SEDCS v3.3.4

  • Corrected drivable vehicle logic to register smoke events as pseudo-landing events. This avoids the unfortunate case where an upturned vehicle is incapable of issuing a "Landed" event, thereby being counted as destroyed under the "Enforce Pilot Landings" campaign option.
  • Corrected logic for issuing campaign notices for recon photos of industrial assets (JG26_Badger)

MP v4.774

  • Supply Points toggle function appearance depends on presence of Supply Points and/or Supply Drops (Luny)
  • Removed ability of CC transporters to overload freight.
  • Wind-affected airbases with no supply have recoloured airbase tooltip text.

MP v4.773 + Statistics v1.159 MP

  • Corrected display of CC functions in MP-ProductionCosts.php (Brandle)
  • Sped up the MySQL AircraftLoadout query in MP-SQL.php (USN_Opus)
  • Corrected display of Factory Production rates per mission in Factory Tooltips (JG26_Nuke)
  • Updated support for Crimea, Normandy, including correct use of IntelTools() call for Normandy (PA_Dore)
  • Release of Sched Missions Variation Tool
  • Corrected display of artillery ranges in the ProductionCosts page (Brandle)
  • SchedMission support for reinforcement and topup flight edit/deletion
  • Corrected timing data in recon photo displays
  • Recovered waypoint gifs for SchedMissions display.


  • Added sortable Pilot Performance table to Statistics/MP-Missions.php (Gross)
  • Corrected urlencoding for mission file links

MP4 v4.756

  • Merger tool rewritten to handle daisy-chaining, and to include specification of date and time, plus wind conditions
  • Stalingrad support improved, including new Stalingrad Winter sector (II/JG77Hawk_5)
  • Extra hi-res maps for Lvov (=gRiJ=Petr)
  • Corrected previous mission conflicts for non-aircraft units, due to new non-zero refueling values for all units
  • Removed road display from Iasi districts
  • Added alert for TF selection that is outside CCCI range
  • Enabled HD Henderson Area maps in The Slot Aug42, Oct42, Jul43 (II/JG77Hawk_5)
  • CCCI workflow corrected for non-admin commanders (22GCT_Gross)
  • Moved CreateSupplyPoints form to a hidden DIV to fix wierd eventhandling problems in other tools (PA_Dore).
  • Corrected MP-ManageCampaign.php Reinforcements tool for incorrect transit references in Ground, Rail and Sea forces (22GCT_Gross)
  • Fixed skins+quotes bug where skins applied to aircraft with quoted verbose names broke the loadSkins() function in MP-Head.js. Fixed by using strEncode() on verbose names. (IV/JG7_Warg, 5./JG54_Emil)
  • Corrected behaviour of Forward Supply Points and Forward_Supply campaign setting. (=gRiJ=Petr)
  • Corrected TopUp function (needed Transit field to be incorporated)
  • Altered image name capitalization in Hawaii php pages (5./JG54_Emil)
  • Added extended New Guinea image (II/JG77Hawk_5)
  • Final Pilot_Roster tool, with READONLY features, and improved flight secrecy logic.
  • Corrected SupplyDrop toggle error (PA_Dore)
  • Added display of engineer bridge destruction activity to tooltip for the transport case (=gRiJ=Petr)
  • Added yellow border to tasked units plus context menu toggle sched mission function (=gRiJ=Petr)
  • Tarawa support (PA_Dore, 5./JG54_Emil)
  • Corrected unit relocation/reorientation logic ((=gRiJ=Petr)
  • Added SigFigNo() call to Total Freight in drawTransporter()
  • Corrected conflicting missions for escorts string cast problem in MP-Head.js (II/JG77Hawk_5)
  • Improved special characters mapping for statistics etc; ppdated special characters for extended Czech characters in new Airforce_Units table;
  • Improved rounding of loaded freight totals
  • Corrected MapPath() in MP-Misc.php to use the correct reference for $DOCUMENT_ROOT for PGP4.2 or greater
  • Improved Photo Report and Pilot Report timing and formatting data (JG26_Nuke)
  • Corrected banner image for skin display in MP-Misc.php for noConnection() function
  • Added loadout verbose text to GroupMissionData in MP-RegisterMission.php
  • Added context menu tool to toggle supply ranges for ground/sea units. (5./JG54_Emil)
  • Added support for map-specific atmospheric parameters (SL temp and pressure) (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Corrected MP-Driveable to use Kubelwagen spelling for HSFX5
  • Updated makeFactories() in MP-Head to hide "HQ" factory plates from enemy view (=69GIAP=Malysh)
  • Corrections to airbase vectors for seaplane bases
  • Full support for TD v4.10-style radio navigation objects, including Lorenz systems (with displayable alignment vector)
  • Revised Maps tool
  • Added HSFX flag to MP-ProductionCosts.php and to MP-SQL.php for AircraftLoadout
  • New MP skin called "sepia". The old skins "green" and "iron" are still available.

Statistics v1.154

  • Revised for HSFX5 compliance
  • Corrected urlencoding of Pilot Details filenames for the Stats Cache
  • Minor corrections Support Operations heading in lang files
  • Corrected handling of driveable vehicles
  • Added emphasis to event field in chronological list
  • Recon photo logging option (102nd_YU_Devill)

SEDCS v3.3.0

  • Now .NET Framework 4.0 compliant
  • Revised weather generator to include TD4.10-style wind parameters
  • Added national identities to runway lights for TD4.10 activation functions
  • Added support for Coop Mod Slot feature
  • Automatic placement of windsock objects at airfields
  • Corrected flag and balloon orientations to indicate wind direction
  • Support for HSFX5 factory plates and partial damage factory building
  • Flight fuel loads can now be specified in 10% nincrements
  • Morale checks when AM radio stations are destroyed
  • Revised Campaign Notices logic, reducing repeated/similar messages
  • Extended Campaign Notice logging to pilot yield, flight abort/malfunction and failed demolition events
  • DCS error message ClipBoard tool for pasting errors into emails etc
  • Destroyed factories now recommence production after they are repaired
  • Human recon photo code now detects altitude if logged
  • Flights at Supply Points now are given random horizontal offsets
  • Top-up flights now abide by fuel and loadout restrictions at Supply Points
  • Support for ship speed reduction logging in HSFX5, including TF management
  • Flight briefing now includes detailed loadout descriptions
  • Late version of Radar Controller now supported for HSFX5
  • Destruction_Targets table version switched according to HSFX mode
  • Infantry without supply is now unable to shoot
  • Some queries now have explicit HSFX tests (AircraftLoadout, Airforce_Units)
  • Corrected handling of Factories with names containing "House"
  • Pilot Roster table is included in the Flush command


  • TD v4.10.10 and HSFX v5.0.1 objects, loadouts, airbase layouts, convoys, bridges, highways, railways, tile map codes etc
  • Improved Radar_Maps table
  • Support for Stalingrad Winter (Hawk_5) and improved Aleutians (Cat)
  • Completely revised Airforce_Units table

HSFX 4.11 HSFX4.2

SEDCS3.2.22 <=== changed 29 December 2010

MP4-v4.733 <=== changed 28 December 2010

Statistics v1.149 <=== changed 12 December 2010

SEDB32G <=== changed 29 December 2010

Changes in SEDCS v3.3.33

  • Fixed basMissionBuilder.getMaximumCombination() to remove rsUnits() call and instead use the local strMobile argument. This caused problems for initiating ground missions for subordinate units in task forces. (JG26_Badger)
  • Corrected crashed disposition for top-up (JG26_Badger)
  • Added array length test in subIncrementWeather (JG26_Badger)
  • Corrected the placement of fuel tank objects for Supply Drops and their relationship to Scenery object storage in the Sceney table. (5./JG54_Emil)

Changes in SEDCS v3.2.20

  • Corrected highway data initialization error when DCS is switched from one DB to another (22GCT_Gross)
  • Corrected tracking of landed multi-crew aircraft under the Enforced Landing option (II/JG3K.Brandle)

Changes in SEDCS v3.2.19

  • Corrected supply calculation bug in Clock Advance routine (22GCT_Gross)
  • Corrected tracking of landed then destroyed aircraft in Campaign Notices and in landing penalties (PA_Dore)

Changes in MP4-v4.722

  • Corrected unit relocation/reorientation logic (=69GIAP=Petr)

Changes in MP4-v4.721

  • Improved Tarawa mapping support. (II/JG54_Emil/PA_Dore)

Changes in SEDCS v3.2.18

  • Fix for pilot seat allocation if a pilot chooses the Host Seat then moves to another seat (Hitcher)
  • Isolated units now have a chance to lose morale (No457_Stonehouse)

Changes in MP4-v4.720

  • Corrected SupplyDrop toggle error (PA-Dore)
  • Added display of engineer bridge destruction activity to the transporter tooltip (=69.GIAP=PETR)
  • Added yellow border to tasked units plus context menu toggle sched mission function (=69.GIAP=PETR)

Changes in SEDCS v3.2.17

  • Fixed the automatic resupply of partially destroyed vehicle columns (PA-Dore)

Changes in SEDCS v3.2.15

  • Forced all damaged submarines to surfaced form.
  • Added code to basMissionBuilder.subInitiateSeaMission() to auto-generate "speed" governor waypoints. (No457_Squog)
  • Generalized .properties filename search to include "" variants.
  • Added logic to read target object definitions from new database table Destruction_Targets.
  • Altered factory default Idle settings.
  • Corrected partial range calculation in subAdvanceUnit() where fuel ran out en route.
  • Corrected range estimation in subMakeMobile() to include movement cost factors.
  • Corrected paratroop assault registrations for case of multiple smoke events (only use the first).
  • Further corrections to ship damage handling.
  • Added linkage between morale and engagement range for artillery-capable units.
  • Added timestamping to PilotMissionData to assist in Statistics Pilot Details flight time distribution.
  • Disabled funeral pyres for VRI units.
  • Added dispersion to successful paratrooper assault drop coordinates. (=69.GIAP=MALYSH)
  • Reduced probability of artillery furniture placement in basMissionBuilder.subPlaceArtilleryFurniture().
  • Corrected handling of Combined Unit total destruction. (EAF_Classic)
  • Improved handling of quotes in Skin names. (JG26_Badger)
  • Added support for Campaign_Notices table.
  • Added support for flight penalty calculations.
  • Improved handling of malfunctioned flights.
  • Added support for automatic reduction of transit delays.
  • Corrected flight breakdown reporting for Axis flights.
  • Corrected application of ship damage to "in progress" waypoint speeds in successive missions.
  • Added Transit logic to withdraw missions queries in modMissionAnalyzer.subAllocateAirLosses().
  • Added support for driveable vehicles. (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Added support for locking of production orders. (II/JG3K.Brandle and 242Sqn_Chap)
  • Added support for logging to Campaign Notices of failed production consignments and for cancelled flights due to insufficient fuel at airbases. (WTE_Ikey)
  • Corrected isBridgeDestroyed() logic. (PA_Dore)
  • Removed capture events from subGenerateFuneralPyres() query.
  • Disabled Build and Analyze buttons immediately upon click. (AG51-Cobraj)
  • Removed VMI class from the infantry CGM selector. (Paddington, IV/JG7_Warg)
  • Added support for CS_Enemy_Proximity, CS_Create_Supply_Points, CS_Forward_Supply. (=69.GIAP_Petr)
  • Recast CS_Supply_Unit_Weight as a double.
  • Revised Drop/Assault success for Human Drop Flights.
  • Incremented splashscreen dates to 2010.
  • Revised mission event timing to handle drop/paratrooper/recon events better over midnight changes.
  • Added handler for pilot disposition timestamps to subStorePilotRecords().
  • Corrected handling of sequential KIA/crash events.
  • Revised subSeatOccupied() to track "trying to occupy" messages as well to catch server seat logging bugs in HSFX.
  • Corrected carrier loss allocations in subAllocateAirLosses().
  • Test for host flight in modMissionAnalyzer.subSeatOccupied() branch.
  • Corrected "double jeopardy" bug that saw downed aircraft possibly re-destroyed if their home carrier took a hit also. (Hitcher)
  • Added Campaign_Notice support for captured driveable vehicle events.
  • Complete revision of AdvanceClock Idle Use feature. Now does proper refueling of units from nearby resources etc.
  • Handled flight names with "(" characters in hasDropMissionOccurred(). (=69.GIAP=Tushka)
  • Extended ship damage model to includ more non-hull vital chunks list; revised non-hull chunk weightings. (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Corrected ship repair routine to ensure that fuel is not expended if the ship is undamaged.
  • Corrected AdvanceClock logic to reproduce all shipping regardless of fuel and destruction status (242Sqn_Chap)

Changes in MP4 v4.710

  • Corrected Libya mapping support. (22GCT_Gross)
  • Corrected Submarine status info in unit tooltip.
  • Corrected display of recon decay rate units in Options screen. (=69.GIAP=Tushka)
  • Air leg travel times now use TAS rather than IAS. (IAF.ViFF and No457_Squog)
  • Support for enhanced CCCI models - now units can be designated "autonomous" for CCCI purposes.
  • Radar Screen now handles CoopManager mission naming automatically by ignoring any "nnn_" prefixes to the standard SEOW mission name. (June42 addition)
  • Corrected display of freight capacity for shipping. (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • CCCI radius multiplier modification. (=69.GIAP=Petr)
  • Copied North and South Korea emblems for European theatres; added Korea to FBRegion function in MP-Misc.php. (PA_Dore)
  • Removed PHP $Meta1 warning from MP-RadarScreen.php for "No radar" section.
  • Corrected Verbose names display for Allied reinforcements. (=69.GIAP=Ratnik)
  • Corrected display of idle usage rates in MP-OptionsScreen.php to cater for 0.1% resolution.
  • Added "(SOG)" text to all SOG-active resupply point tooltips.
  • Corrected CC load/unload functions. (IAF.ViFF)
  • Correction of Escort landing/takeoff wayoints in MP-Head.js and MP-RegisterMission.php. (JG26_Badger)
  • Added support for SupplyOnly transport units.
  • Enhanced maps for Sevastopol, Kerch and Lenino. (=69.GIAP=Ratnik)
  • Added Tractor_US image. (II/JG54_Emil)
  • Added Midway Large images. (IAF.ViFF)
  • Corrected handling of backslashes in mission briefs. (JG26_JobboFett)
  • Corrected FreightTools in MP-Head.js to make sure the nearest non-empty fuel dumps are selected as potential freight sources, rather than just the nearest fuel dumps. (=69.GIAP=Ratnik)
  • Added feature to allow commanders specify exact waypoints in mission plans. (=69GIAP=Ratnik)
  • Corrected handling of Dissolved units in toggle functions of IEmenu. (=69.GIAP=Ratnik)
  • Added coordinate selectors to freight unload tool.
  • Support for ship supply/fuel redistribution.
  • Enhanced Central Med, Libya and Channel 1942 radar pages. (PA_Dore)
  • Added refueling time to Costs screen. (No457_Squog)
  • Added costs displays to Factory production tooltips and menus.
  • Corrected displayed Freight Load radius for ships.
  • Corrected Fuel/Supply redistribution limits for carriers.
  • Corrected counter error in SOG reserves lists (242Sqn_Chap);
  • Corrected display of endurance for partially destroyed Combined Units.
  • Improved New Guinea mapping support. (PA_Dore)
  • Corrected (x,y) placement of supply drops. (=69.GIAP=Ratnik)
  • Corrected Immediate Carrier Transfer code in MP-NUCommit.php to make sure that transferred flights have the same X,Y coords as the destination carrier. (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Corrected display of disembarkation delay duration. (IAF.ViFF)
  • Changed changeSubState() to prevent damaged subs from changing state.
  • Added Darwin mapping support. (PA_Dore)
  • Added Sinai mapping support. (PA_Dore)
  • Added Slovenia mapping support. (PA_Dore)
  • Added Cartagena mapping support. (PA_Dore)
  • Added Aleutians mapping support. (PA_Dore)
  • Added password requirement to Merger Tool.
  • Added Known Supply toggle for right-click menu. (IV/JG7_Warg)
  • Added display of dismbarkation status to unit tooltips.
  • Fixed undefined skin values in MP-NUCommit.php.
  • Corrected escort air start altitudes, and corrected some strpos testing in MP-RegisterMission.php to identify from/to base IDs.
  • Extra Midway Large support. (LLv16_Justus, PA_Dore)
  • Revised The Slot support (II/JG77Hawk_5, PA_Dore)
  • Revised Fortress Malta coordinate transformations. (II/JG77Hawk_5)
  • New HD map for Lvov (II/JG77Hawk_5).
  • Revised delay time limits on mission plans.
  • Fixed desired ship supply issue for new unit commissions. (II/JG77Hawk_5)
  • Corrected endurance range calculation for Task Forces. (EAF19_Classic)
  • Correction of bug that saw Supply Drops detected via GATTACK point. (II/JG77Hawk_5)
  • Disabled the ability of freighters to draw from enemy controlled airbases (242Sqn_Chap and 22GCT_Gross)
  • Corrected ship TF speed error that saw past ship damage states being applied, intermittently yielding negative TF speeds. (No457_Stonehouse,242Sqn_Chap, 6S.Maraz)
  • Improved Iasi mapping. (Fisch)
  • Corrected getRange() function for destroyed shipping.
  • Normandy mapping extensions. (=69.GIAP=Petr)
  • Revised Kiev_AP mapping. (PA_Dore)
  • HD map for Henderson in The Slot. (II/JG77Hawk_5)
  • Enhanced tooltip support for Transporters.
  • Added HQ unit icons. (=69GIAP=Petr)
  • Corrected test for determining submerge/surface state of submarines.
  • Added context menu tools to toggle CC units and to show their CCCI influence ranges. (LW/JG10_Armwaar)
  • Korea and Smolensk updated support. (PA_Dore)
  • Added Coral Sea mapping support. (II/JG77Hawk_5)
  • Corrected air supply unloading at temporary airbases. (JG26_Badger)
  • Admin users now have the ability to change unit locations. (PA_Dore)
  • Fine adjustments to Smolensk mapping. (PA_Dore)
  • IE8 natve support (no need for Compatibility Mode) and improved browser detection.
  • Improved location/bearing functions integrated with CCCI.
  • Display of total freight loading.
  • Incorporation of Enemy Proximity logic for relocations and logic for Supply Point Creation. (=69.GIAP=Petr)
  • France updates and added Bay of Biscay mapping support. (PA_Dore).
  • Improved Lvov support. (II/JG77Hawk_5)
  • Added Landing Penalties support.
  • Added support for Campaign Notices display.
  • Support for Reinforcement transit delays.
  • Improved display of past Scheduled Missions (locked).
  • Corrected isInCCCI() function logic for influence of airbases and supply points.
  • Enhanced sector support for MP-Admin and auto-updater, and reformatted noConnection headers in MP-Misc. (No457_Squog)
  • Corrected Big Yellow Button double-click for Firefox/IETab2.
  • Added support for driveable mode switching (WAGEN/JEEP objects).
  • Enhanced the demolitions tool to show all targets within range. (22GCT_Gross)
  • Support for SOG functions with unit restrictions and transit delays.
  • Cosmetic fix for deletions in MP-DeleteScheds.php. (22GCT_Gross)
  • Added the SEOW favicon to the default-green and default-iron pages. (No457_Squog)
  • New Resupply Points tool for MP-ManageCampaign.php.
  • Added support for locking of production orders. (II/JG3K.Brandle and 242Sqn_Chap)
  • Added informational alert for flight plans where the airbase supplies are too low. (WTE_Ikey)
  • Revised display of Supply Point data.
  • Corrected BaseFuel() usage in estimating fuel resources.
  • Added new section for "Drivable Recon" units to Costs page.
  • Added support for new campaign settings, updated README.
  • Large Stalingrad map. (II/JG77Hawk_5)
  • Extra high-res maps for Lvov. (=69GIAP=Petr)
  • Added HSFXbeta airframes.
  • Corrected $IconLocations value in MP-Configuration.php for MP4public release.

Changes to MP-Statistics v1.144

  • Corrected calculation of Pilot flight time distributions for missions spanning midnight.
  • Removed tilde translations in PilotDetails and PilotChart, to support callsigns containing tildes.
  • Corrected infkills recordset reference to ensure that the Verbose field is filled out in the Confirmed Kills Listing table.
  • Corrected counting of ship damage kills in MP-Missions and MP-PilotDetails.
  • Corrected handling of TU crash losses.
  • Corrected latest date display with spanning midnight for active sectors on Statistics front page.
  • Corrected miscounting of some allied naval losses in the axis air losses tables in MP-CumulativeLosses.php and in MP-Missions.php.
  • Added support for driveable vehicles in MP-PilotDetails.php

Changes to SEDB32F

  • Removed several obsolete tables.
  • Added Destruction_Targets, Campaign_Notices tables.
  • New structures for ObjMissionData, PilotMissionDisposition, Resupply_Points and Resupply_Replacements tables.
  • Data for 7 new sectors: Aleutians, Bay of Biscay, Cartagena, Coral Sea, Darwin, Sinai, Slovenia.
  • Heavily reworked Highways and Railway_Waypoints tables.
  • Major changes and additions to Campaign_Settings, Object_Specifications, Airbases, Object_Costs, Industrial_Installations, Resupply_Points, Tile_Map_Codes, AircraftLoadout, Airforce_Units, Railway_Stations.


MP4 v4.610

  • Corrected getMissionName() in MP-RadarScreen.php (PA_Dore)
  • Revised coordinate transformations for The Slot x6 (PA_Dore)
  • Added Central Med and Midway Large sectors (242Sqn_Chap, 22GCT_Gross, AMVI_Dax)
  • Added Korea support, plus North and South Korea icons (PA_Dore)
  • Added Crete and Channel 1942 support (PA_Dore)
  • Revised Tubruq support (EJgr.Ost_Chamel)
  • Changed Cancel to Delete for Sched Missions in MP-Head.js (22GCT_Gross)
  • Displayed unit morale in tooltips regardless of supply model.
  • Added Force Summary data to Force History page (=AVG=Storm)
  • Corrected CapitalChart hex->decimal scaling.
  • Promoted LL() function to its own php file MP-SpecialCharacters.php; removed LL() from Statistics/stats_functions.php.
  • New object images for HSFX4.1
  • Updated map loader string for Libya in MP-Maps.php (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Included transfer restrictions in the SOG toolset (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Removed duplicate of BestPerformanceCeiling in MP-BuildPage.php (22GCT_Gross)
  • Corrected SOG definitions to include all maps (II/JG77Hawk_5)

Statistics v1.128

  • Added Infantry to cumulative list on English and German language packages.
  • Corrected display of campaign date and time on front stats page (22GCT_Gross)

SEDCS v3.2.8

  • The optional Idle Consumption calculations for the Clock Advance function have been improved and are now consistent with normal mission Analyze supply calculations. (LW10_Luny)
  • Corrections to task force management for CS_Mission_Length > 1 and to ClockAdvance TF functions.
  • Control Points will now be given flag poles and flags (within a sandbag emplacement). The flags will change nation according to the controlling force. This feature relies upon a new "Flags" table in the DB. See the DCS v3.2.8 README for information on how to retrofit SEDB32E databases.
  • Correction of duplication of mission orders in optional * file.
  • Added check for Radar and HSFX support in makeHostSeat().
  • Engineer units are now parsed and allocated affiliations correctly (Brandle).
  • Idle Use sliders now increment to 0.1%.
  • Remove VSP class from Infantry CGM selector text.

SEDCS v3.2.7

  • Runway Lights slider setting now corrected.
  • Waypoints for the Radar Control host seat now corrected.

SEDCS v3.2.6

  • Corrected ungrouped factory production rate calculation to include mission length (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Minor adjustment to Radar host seat loadout (22GCT_Gross)
  • Added bazooka capability to stationary infantry units (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Corrected handling of temporary runways for Host Seat.
  • Overstrength tank units (PA_Dore)
  • Commenting and error message change in subMakeProperName() for static airframes in templates.


  • HSFX4.1 objects, loadouts, airbase layouts, convoys, bridges, highways, railways, tile map codes etc
  • Improved Radar_Maps table
  • Support for Central Med, Crete, Korea, Midway Large
  • Included Katana's SQL-SPLIT tool and SQL tree.

MP4 v4.593

  • Corrected isInCCCI() function to use proper control radius variable (PA_Dore)
  • Included toggle aircraft option (=69GIAP=TUSHKA)
  • Support for partial ship damage events
  • Revised escort landing waypoints code (Warg/Doc)
  • Added AAT class object displays to ProductionCosts page
  • Support for Radar Screen, together with Sajax core
  • Freighted units were showing the the GATTACK target selector for admin login - prevented this
  • Corrected bug displaying unnecessary orientation information in supply point tooltips for admin user
  • New maps: Iasi, Odessa, Kiev, Kiev_AP, 6 versions of The Slot, Philippines, Channel 1940, El Alamein (PA_Dore)
  • Updated Ardennes mapping (PA_Dore)
  • Added SouthAfrica, ItalyANR and ItalyICAF icons
  • Enforced Ace skill level for Famous Aces in MP-NUCommit.php
  • Support for display of Skill Upgrade notices
  • Removed Recon Range minima from OptionsScreen
  • Corrected handling of seaplanes and ship freight loading
  • Object images for HSFX4 (WTE_Ikey)
  • More graceful handling of absent forces in MP-ForceHistory.php, and better support for MS Access there too
  • Support for "Supply Only" freight units, e.g. fuel trucks (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Updated credits page

Statistics v1.127

  • Performed Unicode translations in the lang files, and extended the LL character mapping filter
  • Cache management toolset with script timing display
  • Fixed double counting of some withdrawal missions
  • Corrected identification and sorting of missions history in MP-PilotDetails.php
  • Corrected mission details path generation for special campaign theatre names
  • Improved Francais support (PA_Dore)
  • Improved language pack structure usage in PilotDetails page
  • Integrated ship damage statistics reporting


  • Totally revised Airforce_Units, HSFX4 compatible
  • Totally revised Object_Specifications, HSFX4 compatible, now defining over 900 combat objects for use in SEOW!!!
  • Massively extended Airbase_Layouts, Airbases, Highways, Highways_Intersections, Railway_Waypoints, Railway_Intersections, Resupply_Points, Tile_Map_Codes tables (PA_Dore)
  • Revised field dimensions in many tables
  • New tables Ship_Damage_Status, Skill_Upgrades

SEDCS v3.2.4/3.2.5

  • Automatic processing of ship damage event reports
  • Corrected freight damage allocation
  • Corrected handling of Aircraft Carrier damage events
  • Added selectors for host seat location; new host aircraft "Radar Control" with high-vis skin; host aircraft gets automatic temporary runway
  • Added radar settings tab
  • Changes to subDestroyFreight to use Floor instead of Ceiling; also put lower threshold on freight destruction to ignore tiny damage events
  • Added option to specify deployment percentage of runway lights
  • Removed lower limits on recon range parameters (Ala13_Nachote)
  • Added Famous Ace Charisma logic for skill upgrades
  • Corrected Infantry Chief placement for new HSFX4 Mobile forms
  • Split CS update SQL into two to accommodate short queries in MSAccess
  • Updated credits page

MP4 v4.555

  • Fixed quotation mark display in Airbase names (Loon)
  • France sector support (PA_Dore)
  • Balaton sector support (PA_Dore)
  • Philippine sector support (PA_Dore)
  • Revised route block visibility and toggling (PA_Dore)
  • Reworked Force History page to have selectable mission windows.
  • Added Capital Investment tool to Force History page.
  • Corrected Production Types logic to allow identification of enemy production types.
  • A change of factory production type automatically reduces the factory point balance to zero.
  • Pilot Reports now handle quotation marks better. (IV/JG7_Warg)
  • Improved partial recon information at airbases through the TypeCode calls.
  • Added airbase mapping support for Crimea (=69.GIAP=TUSHKA)
  • Added artillery scenery and CCCI requirements options to Options Screen.
  • Fixed quote handling in Objectives tools.
  • Added logic to support CCCI factors in army movement (IAF.116~ViFF)
  • Updated Credits page.

Statistics v1.120

  • Corrected the midnight hour bug in the Mission End time.
  • Extended character decoding support in stats_functions.php and converted all stats pages to UTF-8 encoding.

SEDCS v3.2.3

  • Added options controlling artillery emplacement scenery and CCCI requirements (IAF.116~ViFF)
  • Added Call modUtilities.subGatherAirForces() to basMissionBuilder.subGenerateMission() to correct specification of flight names in .properties file.
  • Temporary fix to replace electric lights at concrete strips by campfires, due to the HSFX Mod to dim navigation lights and tracers.
  • Added event time to aircraft capture records in ActionData in subCapturedAirframes()
  • Corrected bad SQL in subCapturedAirframes()
  • Corrected handling of airbase thresholds in basMissionBuilder.subMakeAirMission() (PA_Dore)
  • Corrected handling of quotes in Mission Objectives.
  • Updated Credits form.


  • In Stalingrad sector, corrected Znamensk Railway Station Target_X to 176550 (Doc)
  • Corrected Nordhorn road intersection
  • Added CCCI_Restriction and Artillery_Furniture fields to Campaign_Settings table (the only structural change).
  • New data for France, Philippines, Balaton (Dore)
  • New HSFX v3.2 and v3.2.1 objects, including V-2 rockets.
  • Revised Airforce_Units, Aircraft_Loadouts tables.

DCS v3.2.2

  • Corrected FrontMarker SQL for "strategic and military control" option to place markers on all ground units except trains. Revised front marker generation to use control fields directly for Railway_Stations and Resupply_Points, rather than counting numbers of nearby units. (TA_Findo)
  • Revised handling of scenery objects to ensure that their damage state reflects local combat actions. Now template designers can build their own scenery (forts, towns, airbases, etc) and the associated damage state will be managed similarly to standard SEOW urban damage, i.e. based on local combat events and repaired at the same rate as industrial repair.
  • Corrected handling of captured aircraft after crew bailout behind enemy lines (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Reduced the placement of runway lights: now only place fires and runway lights during the day if weather is raining or worse.
  • Corrected initial waypoint altitude specifications for Escort aircraft coming from OffMap locations, to prevent immediate collisions on spawn (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Updated Factory Groups algorithm to define groups at the City level, rather than sector-wide. (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Corrected DBNull error in subUpdateReconRefitAndRepair for MSAccess database connections.

MP4 (Patch from v4.520 to v4.540)

  • All changes in patch to v4.534.
  • Tightened targeting constraints for Supply Drops. Now the recon must be greater than recon threshold before a supply drop can be targeted. (WTE_Ikey)
  • Enhanced Ostfriesland mapping support (PA_Dore)
  • Added force capital costs to Mission Planning Tools tooltip and to Force History page, but only if Use_Costs setting is enabled (22GCT_Gross)
  • Corrected Force History page to include spy listings and mission numbering.
  • Improved MP handling of quotation marks in object verbose names, e.g. B-29 'Silverplate' Superfortress (22GCT_Gross)

MP4 (Patch from v4.520 to v4.534)

  • All changes in patch to v4.532
  • Sardegna support (PA_Dore)
  • Added test for mysql PHP module in makeDBconnection() (rnzoli)
  • Corrected broken MSAccess SQL for factory production types
  • Corrected factory production selectors to allow train production and to show all valid units
  • Updated Credits and Map definitions pages

SEDB32 patch

  • ) A small patch release to SEDB32B, including Sardegna data in Access and MySQL formats, including the MySQL reference database and Sardegna SQL scripts. No structural changes.

SEDCS v3.2.1

  • Improved handling of damage to combined units by tracking Unit_Name_Mapping identities.
  • Corrected bad string->double cast in subFindLocation() in subAdvanceUnit() section.
  • Corrected display of Industrial Recon Decay in frmMain
  • Corrected SQL for successful Paratrooper Assaults
  • Added some code to prevent supply and strength numbers dropping below zero.
  • Corrected handling of partial damage to paratrooper assault units arising from multiple parachute kill events (Ala13_Nachote)
  • Updated SQL to handle new combined structure for Convoys_Vehicles.
  • Ensured that Factories are not allocated production points at template initialization time.
  • Corrected handling of Pilot "landed" events in modMissionAnalyzer.subUpdatePilotStatus(). It is possible for a plane to land even though the pilot is dead, so a "landed" event should not overwrite a previous KIA/Captured/Bailed status. (II/JG3F.Muller)
  • Updated the copyright period on the splashscreen to include 2009.
  • Commented out a basMessageBox() call in subAddAirRegiment() (=69.GIAP=TUSHKA)
  • Ensured that partially destroyed Engineer units now repair infrastructure (bridges) proportionately to their remaining strength.


  • Extended mapping for Kursk (PA_Dore)
  • Corrected Augusta PHP in Fortress Malta sector (PA_Dore)
  • Fixed ProductionTypes loader in MP-SQL.php (Paddington)
  • Corrected quote handling in MP-FreightLoader.php (Grifo_rott)
  • Updated Francais.lang for Statistics (PA_Dore)
  • Corrected display of unit names with multiple brackets in EscortForm and on the Big Yellow Button
  • Expanded DefaultFlightAltitude to optionally employ the MaxSpeedAlt data from Object_Specifications. If $DefaultFlightAltitude < 0 then it is taken as a percentage of the MaxSpeedAlt to use as default waypoint altitude. Example: DefaultFlightAltitude = -85 => 0.85*MaxSpeedAlt will be the default waypoint altitude. Normal Ceiling and MinAltitude restrictions are observed, including the CS setting of MaxSpeedAlt as Ceiling. (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Corrected recon parameters loader in MP-Head.js to handle new Sector_Recon_Parameters structure (IV/JG7_Warg)
  • Corrected definition of ttgif in drawObj() and drawTransporter() (IV/JG7_Warg)
  • Corrected default green page DB connection definitions (Goanna)
  • Corrected ProductionTypes SQL loader
  • Added fictional Borduria and Syldavia icon support (IV/JG7_Warg)
  • Added extra images for HistorySFX vehicles and bazookas
  • Corrected Statistics for Top-Up losses and for Axis unit strafing (IIJG3K.Brandle)


  • Completely revised the Convoys_Vehicles table (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Completely revised the Ostfriesland highways
  • Changed Stat1 index for Combined_Unit_Losses table (MySQL) (Grifo_rott)
  • Updated Object_Specifications table to include all HistorySFX objects <=== 05/03/2009

  • "Truck_Type 94" corrected to "Truck_Type 94" in Object_Costs (Brandle)
  • Kursk, Moscow and Smolensk Highway updates
  • Bridge 164 length corrected in Kursk (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Sub behaviour changed to account for submerge/surface function in MP
  • Greatly enhanced settings in Campaign_Settings table
  • Extra P-47D loadouts (Hitcher)
  • Added and populated Route_BLockages table
  • Corrected use of Stationary$BikeBMW in Convoys_Vehicles table - use Kettenkrad (22GCT_Gross)
  • Added Paratrooper_Assault_Orders table
  • Reworked AircraftLoadouts, Airforce_Units, Army_Units, Convoys_Trains, Convoys_Vehicles, Resupply_Points, Highways, Railway_Waypoints, Bridges (=69.GIAP=Tushka), Industrial_Installations tables
  • Added Paratrooper_Assault_Orders, Air_Regiment_Structure, Combined _Unit_Status, Combined_Unit_Losses, Railway_Intersections, Railway_Rolling_Stop, Railway_Stations tables
  • Deleted Railways, Shipping_Convoy_Routes, Shipping_Convoy_Waypoints, Squadron_Flight_Names, SquadronData, Station_Layouts, Station_Type, TheatreData, WeaponDescriptions tables
  • Vastly changed Object_Specifications table, including explicit support for new HistorySFX objects (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Index definition in the Combined_Unit_Losses table (

SEDCS3.2.0 <=== 28/02/2009

  • Made SQL compression a default setting for MySQL connections.
  • Corrected alignment of Railway Station target objects (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Added support for Delayed Flights
  • Elevated combat platoon status to balloons and searchlights (works best with HistorySFX Mod v3.1)
  • Added support for propaganda leaflet drops
  • Added support for selectable mission durations (22GCT_Gross)
  • Added support for train mission tasking and parking
  • Added support for placement of "_ru" at the end of .properties filenames; now if the option is checked, three files will be written: the 2 standard files + the "" file (22GCT_Gross)
  • Extended use of combined unit placement, armour style, to HSFX Mod infantry units (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Added support for paratrooper assault missions (102nd_YU_Vuk)
  • Completely revised Air Regiment naming logic: now driven by extended Airforce_Units table (IV/JG7_Warg)
  • Removed Complex Ground Movement exception for terminating routes
  • Some modifications to the flight withdrawal model. Specifically, any airbase with "Withdrawal" in its name will be treated as a landing withdrawal point (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Deprecated the use of table "Station_Types" in favour of the new "Railway_Stations" table
  • Corrected calculation of train bearing
  • Changed Complex Ground Movement to ensure that trains always end at even grid locations
  • Changed slider so that Supply:Weight ratio can be varied arbitrarily (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Added support for automatic tracking of partial vehicle column and train loss
  • Added HistorySFX FactoryProductionMode option
  • Made AIOnly directives explicit depending on HistorySFX Mode selection
  • Added heavy rail freight option, and added morale and supply modification to units emergency unloaded from partially destroyed trains
  • Refined resolution on Supply Production Rates sliders
  • Added support for Spy units
  • Added unit class-dependent CGM modes (102nd_YU_Devill)
  • All recon parameters now declared public, and read from the extended Sector_Recon_Parameters table in a new sub called from subResolveMission
  • Extended civil morale tests to HSFX objects (buses etc)
  • Added code to handle train rolling stops
  • Revised modUtilities.subDestroyFreight() for partial destruction of combined units
  • Extra checking for valid unit types in modMissionAnalyzer => slightly more graceful template aborts
  • Corrected handling of Industrial Installation recon, especially from Spy actions
  • Corrected aircraft destruction SQL at captured airbases (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Corrected initialization of blank templates
  • Made slider resolution for the Initial Infrastructure Load sliders 0.1%
  • Extended special character support for unit names
  • Abstracted the idle usage rate constants from modSupply into the Campaign_Settings table
  • Moved the air and ground planning durations into the DB, making them no longer universal to the MP install
  • Support for Railway Stations as a freight resource

MP4-v4.520 <=== 28/02/2009

  • Added context menu command to move selected submarine units between surfaced and submerged states
  • Corrected TopUp counter SQL (13_Baxter)
  • Added Med corrections (22GCT_Gross) and corrected Omura North php file for Kyushu (Hitcher)
  • Corrected display of artillery ranges in MP-OptionScreen.php (RAF74_Taipan)
  • Added support for Delayed Flights option
  • Added secrecy option for escorts (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Added propaganda leaflet drops
  • Corrected loadout selector for Recon, Supply and Propaganda flights
  • Corrected display of Propaganda Drop icons
  • Implementation of mission length support (22GCT_Gross)
  • Added support for route blockage display
  • Gave due credit to the Mediterranean builders, and to =69.GIAP=MYATA for his Kurland high-res efforts
  • Corrected initial and ending waypoint altitudes and speeds for escort flights (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Corrected handling of air transfers in SOG tools for withdraw points
  • Enabled train movement
  • Inserted a test in the reinforcements NU code to prevent trains being stacked on top of each other at resupply points
  • Filtered trains so that wagons do not appear as selectable reinforcements
  • Adjusted the context menu to remove extraneous functions depending on selected unit type
  • Enhanced withdrawUnit() in MP-Head.js and MP-WithdrawUnit.php to handle train withdrawals
  • Libya support (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Enabled paratrooper assault support (102nd_YU_Devill)
  • Greatly revised the Affiliation() function in the MP to take advantage of the new Airforce_Units table
  • Corrected display of initial infrastructure load settings in MP-OptionsScreen.php
  • Corrected handling of Delay and ETA data for NUCommit.php
  • Improved handling of rail In Progress missions
  • A little scrutiny of supply usage and unit endurance calculations (Paddington)
  • Removed air and ground duration parameters from MP-Configuration.php - they are now DB settings
  • Updated OptionsScreen for latest campaign settings
  • Added support for heavy rail freight option, further debugging of train freight (II/JG3K.Brandle, IV/JG7_Warg)
  • Increased ship grid spacing parameters in MP-NUCommit.php (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Removed reference to Railway Platform coordinates from MP-SQL.php; now uses Railway target coordinates
  • Set up supply unloading to railway stations
  • Correction of naming alias for Range field in CO query of MP-SQL.php (22GCT_Gross)
  • Added slashes to query results for army, rail and naval unit names
  • Added MP config option to allow dynamic width of select menus
  • Extended character support for units
  • Allowed national icon display for army units as well as airforce units
  • Revised handling of HistorySFX support in MP-OptionsScreen.php, MP-ProductionCosts.php, MP-ManageCampaign.php and in data loading in MP-SQL.php
  • Handling of Multisector flag on resupply points in GS tools (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Corrected handling of Command and Control functions especially for shipping (102nd_HR_Cmirko, 102nd_YU_Devill, 242Sqn_Chap)
  • Support for English Channel sector (PA_Dore)
  • Added new context option to toggle all friendly unit engagement ranges (102nd_HR_Cmirko)
  • Updated ProductionCosts.php screen to show command/control and paratroop status
  • Added support for Spy units
  • Constructed an array for the ObjectRoles table and got MP-Head,js to use direct references to the contents, rather than hard-coded role descriptions
  • Fortress Malta support (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Support for Slovakia Lite and Gothic Line maps (EAF92_Brigstock, 242Sqn_Chap, 22GCT_Gross, 22GCT_Hawk)
  • Corrected display of railway resupply points, and added bearing of rail supply points for admin users
  • Extended select widths in Industrial Production tool; minor display adjustments for GoF, Ardennes, Lvov, Manchuria, Murmansk so Railway supply points will show at edges of the map
  • Immediate selection of units now works to fill out all drop down menus with default selections
  • Extra Object Images (AMVI_Dax)
  • Reformatted Airbase tooltips for greater legibility
  • Extra string escaping for Supply Drops, Pilot Reports
  • Updated logic to prevent display of old propaganda drops
  • Corrected handling of carrier-based escorts in MP-Head.js (Hitcher)
  • Enhancements for Prokhorovka (PA_Dore)
  • Updated map loader strings for HistorySFX (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Added extra national insignias for HistorySFX nations (242Sqn_Chap)

Statistics v1.114 <=== 28/02/2009

  • Added text formatting support to Stats pages by extending the LL() function in stats_functions.php
  • Corrected Costs handling for Vehicle/Trains in MP-PilotDetails.php
  • Added optional display of pilot skills to MissionDetails.php Chronological Action Events (Mhondoz)
  • Added extra spacing to the last three tables in MP-PilotDetails.php to allow for long verbose names
  • Minor alteration of "Vehicle" and "Mechanized" in English.lang file to take new Infantry units into account
  • Corrections for paratroopers
  • Updated language packs to incorporate the Rail table in CumulativeLosses page; added DB-driven calculation of vehicle column and train sizes
  • Corrected Stats pages for the redesigned Convoys tables
  • Corrected display of Supply Dump Protagonist image in MP-MissionDetails.php (22GCT)
  • Corrected handling of parachute destruction events in MP-MissionDetails.php (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Upgraded Stats engine to handle new Airforce_Units structure
  • Corrected mis-attributions for vehicle destruction and extended ObjMissionDisposition queries for surrender and desertion events