Partial Damage of Combined Units

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Partial Damage Model

SEOW fully supports vehicle columns and trains. These are known as Combined Units, since they are each comprised of several different kinds of vehicles or rail wagons. Prior to SEOW v3.2, destruction of any single individual vehicle or wagon would result in total destruction of the combined unit, which is unrealistic.

From SEOW v3.2 onwards, the partial damage model will apply.

Vehicle Columns

Each individual vehicle in a column is tracked throughout the life of the column. As vehicles are destroyed, the column loses strength and actually appears in game as the correct number and type of remnant vehicles. Any freight carried by the unit is destroyed proportionately too. Now you really do have to get every last one of those trucks! Partially destroyed columns move as individual vehicles (Chiefs in the mission file), so they will move at different speeds, making strung out, disrupted columns for you to track down.



Trains cannot move in partially destroyed states, so SEOW uses the old "brittle" model that sees trains cease operation once they sustain any damage. BUT the partial damage is applied correctly to any freight carried so, again, to make sure you kill all the freight you need to destroy EVERY wagon on the train. See the Rail Operations page for a nice example.