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Availability: MP4-v4.719 or later


For large numbers of pilots it can become difficult to coordinate which pilots are allocated to which flight, etc. This process usually takes place in the Pilot Lobby in-game just prior to the mission. Communications via TS are not easy with large numbers of people present, and are harder still with different languages being used!

SEOW now has a tool that can be helpful here. The Pilot Roster Tool is fully integrated inside the MP and allows commanders to create and manage a list of assignments of pilots to planned flights/airframes in each mission. The Roster Tool can be accessed by all authorized players logging into the MP sector room for the campaign. Players with READONLY authorization may only view the roster; all other players may view and alter the roster. Administrators do not see the roster tool. Because the roster is password-locked to players on each side, neither side can see the other side's roster. Note that this tool requires a new database table, but don't worry, if the table does not exist it goes ahead and creates it automatically!


What does the Roster do?

The roster is a very convenient and simple way to:

  • show all planned flights for the upcoming mission
  • show whether a flight is actually flyable by human pilots (the secrecy and AI/Human flyability features in SEOW)
  • show the number of airframes in each tasked flight
  • show the fuel and armament loadout for each tasked flight
  • show a brief mission title for each tasked flight
  • show the full list of active pilots in previous missions and rosters (for each side)
  • add new pilot call-signs into the roster mix
  • publish roster assignments to a wide audience of authorized pilots without talking!!

What does the Roster not do?

The roster tool simply creates a list for all authorized players to see by logging in to the MP. That's all. It does not create any hooks into the mission file or the campaign, and it does not force pilots to use only the aircraft assigned to them in the roster. It is simply a way to summarize graphically what flights are planned, their loadouts and what pilots can be assigned to the individual aircraft. The roster does not:

  • take into account gunner seats in multi-crewed aircraft
  • take into account alphabetical aircraft identifications used by some airforces
  • take into account previous mission rosters/assignments
  • always present the correct order of flights (compared to the in-game pilot lobby)