Radio Navigation Support (TD v4.10)

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As of SEDCS v3.3.0 and MP4public v4.756, SEOW offers full support for the TD v4.10 radio navigation functions. All AM radio transmitters, non-directional beacons and Lorenz Blind Landing System (BLS) objects are supported and usable in SEOW. These objects are allocated different role classes in SEOW, according to the following table:

VAMR: (AM radio transmitter) Grossdeutscher_Rundfunk, Magyar_Radio, Radio_BBC, Radio_Honolulu, Radio_Moscow, Radio_Roma, Radio_Suomen_Yleisradio
VBLS: (Blind Landing System) LorenzBLBeacon, LorenzBLBeacon_AAIAS, LorenzBLBeacon_LongRunway
VDB: (Directional Beacon) YGBeacon
VNDB: (Non-Directional Beacon) Meacon, RadioBeacon, RadioBeaconLowVis

Mobile Forms

The VAMR, VDB and VNDB class objects are allocated vehicle columns as default mobile forms. These are brittle, so if they sustain damage while mobile the radio object will be totally destroyed. The VBLS class objects are allocated single trucks for default mobile forms.

Template Usage

Each of these objects can be placed in a template in their normal stationary forms.

MP Icons and Features

Here is a screenshot from MP4public v4.756 showing deployments of a Grossdeutscher Rundfunk AM transmitter at Ouren (Ardennes sector), plus a Lorenz Short Range BLS at Merzhausen Field. These objects are assigned army affiliations by SEOW (not air regiments).


The BLS objects need to be positioned directly by commanders as they are NOT managed by SEOW. In your campaign, BLS objects are platoons, just like all other platoons. They can be targeted and destroyed by the enemy, they can be tasked to move and they can be produced in factories. Commanders must move/transport them to the airbase destination and then use CC methods to relocate and position them precisely at the end of the runway (just off to the side to avoid aircraft hitting them) and oriented so that they point right down the approach vector. There is a new MP tool that shows the BLS Direction Vector (see image below). CC ability is automatic within the control radius of any airbase. Make sure that the BLS shines at aircraft landing in the normal landing direction for that airbase. When displayed the BLS vector has arrows indicating the direction that aircraft must approach the BLS in order to hear directional codes.


Below is an example of an Allied NDB unit operating in Laroche. TD v4.10 automatically assigns beacon Morse Code IDs at game load time, so there is presently no facility in SEOW to allocate ID codes to beacons.