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The read only interface to the Scorched Earth Online War is designed for the pilots on both sides to preview missions and briefings plotted by the mission commander. Each side has a predetermined level of intelligence information after the initialization of the template. This setting, dynamic reconnaissance, is available when a template is loaded and cannot be adjusted afterwards. This reconnaissance boost does not last beyond the first turn.

Once logged in you can now navigate to the various districts on the map or have the entire map displayed. Choose the map district either by clicking on the letter on the map interface or selecting the district from the drop down in the center top of the screen. The only way to access the view entire district is through the dropdown. After selecting a district a more detailed map is displayed. Icons will be displayed on the map provided that this is not toggled off. To change districts click on the change text just above the mission time in the upper left corner. You will now be returned to the district selection screen.

When a district map is displayed in the map window, information is displayed to the left in the Mission HQ area. Text Situation Map, Objectives is a text pad icon. Move the mouse pointer over the icon and the Sector Overview is displayed. To the right of the word objectives is a text pad icon. Moving the mouse pointer over the text pad, displays the overall objective(s) for your side, if they have been set by the administrator.

The time entry displays when the next mission will takeoff. This time will not change until the mission is flown and the results are analyzed. Pay attention to the time as the mission may be scheduled for anytime day or night. The text pad icon beside the time gives information regarding the last database event, either analyzing a mission or advancing the clock.

Below the Time display is the current weather information. This information may influence the kinds of missions requested by the commander. The text pad to the right of the weather information is the 24 hour weather forecast for 6 and 24 hours from the current game time. Note that each side (Axis or Allied) receives a potentially different weather forecast and outlook generated automatically by SE as part of its climate generator. By default, both sides have meteorological forecasts of similar average accuracy (about 75% accurate), but the forecasts are random and can occasionally be very wrong. The SE climate generator is fully customizable and supports different climatic settings for each sector.

All (enemy and friendly) land and sea icons are displayed with a 1 hour lag time. This is to simulate the fog of war.

Map interface

The map interface is the map displayed to the right of the mission planning tools. It consists of a map with icons displayed. Icon colour denotes friendly or foe. The icons and their unit type or meaning are shown below:

Air Unit Map icon Gauthier Air Unit Map icon Gauthier
Recon G-AirRecon-mil-GS.gif R-AirRecon-mil-GS.gif Transport G-AirTransport-mil-GS.gif R-AirTransport-mil-GS.gif
Bomber G-Bomber-mil-GS.gif R-Bomber-mil-GS.gif Dive Bomber G-DiveBomber-mil-GS.gif R-DiveBomber-mil-GS.gif
Fighter G-Fighter-mil-GS.gif R-Fighter-mil-GS.gif Fighter-Bomber G-FighterBomber-mil-GS.gif R-FighterBomber-mil-GS.gif
Seaplane G-Seaplane-mil-GS.gif R-Seaplane-mil-GS.gif
Ground Unit Map icon Gauthier Ground Unit Map icon Gauthier
AAA G-AAA-mil-GS.gif R-AAA-mil-GS.gif Anti-Tank G-AntiTank-mil-GS.gif R-AntiTank-mil-GS.gif
Armour G-Armour-mil-GS.gif R-Armour-mil-GS.gif Artillery G-Artillery-mil-GS.gif R-Artillery-mil-GS.gif
Engineers G-Engineers-mil-GS.gif R-Engineers-mil-GS.gif Infantry G-Infantry-mil-GS.gif R-Infantry-mil-GS.gif
Mechanized Infantry G-MechInf-mil-GS.gif R-MechInf-mil-GS.gif Truck G-Truck-mil-GS.gif R-Truck-mil-GS.gif
Self-Propelled Artillery G-SelfPropArty-mil-GS.gif R-SelfPropArty-mil-GS.gif Tank Destroyer G-TankDestroyer-mil-GS.gif R-TankDestroyer-mil-GS.gif
HQ Unit G-HQ-mil-GS.gif R-HQ-mil-GS.gif Recon Unit G-Recon-mil-GS.gif R-Recon-mil-GS.gif
Spy G-Spy-mil-GS.gif R-Spy-mil-GS.gif Transport G-Transportation-mil-GS.gif R-Transportation-mil-GS.gif
Sea Unit Map icon Gauthier Sea Unit Map icon Gauthier
Aircraft Carrier G-AircraftCarrier-mil-GS.gif R-AircraftCarrier-mil-GS.gif Battleship G-Battleship-mil-GS.gif R-Battleship-mil-GS.gif
Cruiser G-Cruiser-mil-GS.gif R-Cruiser-mil-GS.gif Destroyer G-Destroyer-mil-GS.gif R-Destroyer-mil-GS.gif
Transport G-NavalTransport-mil-GS.gif R-NavalTransport-mil-GS.gif Patrol Boat G-PatrolBoat-mil-GS.gif R-PatrolBoat-mil-GS.gif
Submarine G-Submarine-mil-GS.gif R-Submarine-mil-GS.gif
Rail Unit Map icon Gauthier Rail Unit Map icon Gauthier
Train G-Train-mil-GS.gif R-Train-mil-GS.gif Railway Station G-RailStation2.gif R-RailStation2.gif D-RailStation2.gif
Object/Symbol Map icon Gauthier Object/Symbol Map icon Gauthier
Unit Destroyed G-Inactive-mil-GS.gif R-Inactive-mil-GS.gif Unknown Unit G-q-mil-GS.gif R-q-mil-GS.gif
Air Supply G-AirSupply.gif R-AirSupply.gif Air Withdraw G-AirWithdraw.gif R-AirWithdraw.gif
Ground Supply G-GroundSupply.gif R-GroundSupply.gif Ground Withdraw G-GroundWithdraw.gif R-GroundWithdraw.gif
Sea Supply G-SeaSupply.gif R-SeaSupply.gif Sea Withdraw G-SeaWithdraw.gif R-SeaWithdraw.gif
Airbases (1 per country) Europe-Germany.gif Europe-Britain.gif Airbases status TempAirbase.gif Airbase.gif Airbase Wind Blue.gif Airbase Wind Red.gif Disputed-Airbase.gif
Bridge Bridge.gif Bridge-Damaged2.gif Factory G-Factory.gif R-Factory.gif DestroyedFactory.gif
Fuel Dump G-FuelTank.gif R-FuelTank.gif DestroyedFuelTank.gif Landing System Beacon G-BLS-mil-GS.gif R-BLS-mil-GS.gif
Non directional Beacon G-NDB-mil-GS.gif R-NDB-mil-GS.gif Directional Beacon G-DRB-mil-GS.gif R-DRB-mil-GS.gif
Control Point G-Control.gif R-Control.gif Control Point in dispute G-ControlDisputed.gif R-ControlDisputed.gif
Temporary report G-PilotReport2.gif R-PilotReport2.gif Permanent report G-Flag.gif R-Flag.gif
Notice Notice.gif Recon photos G-Camera.gif R-Camera.gif
Propaganda G-PropagandaDrop.gif R-PropagandaDrop.gif Supply drop G-SupplyDrop.gif R-SupplyDrop.gif
Radar/Ground/Sea RadarUnit-blue.gif RadarUnit-red.gif RadarUnitSea-blue.gif RadarUnitSea-red.gif Blockage route/rail RailBlockage.gif

Table 2 - Unit and Map Icons

Viewing Missions

Any mission already in progress or currently scheduled can be viewed using the Mission Planning Tools on the left hand side. Ensure that you have the correct district displayed. Only the missions scheduled in the map district displayed in the drop down. To see all missions ensure that you have the entire district displayed. Click on either the Scheduled Missions button or the In Progress button. Each of the view buttons will list the number of missions viewable in the currently selected district. It is quite possible to have no missions scheduled in an individual district.

Missions in Progress are usually land units, but can be sea units too. If you select the check box the units’ path is displayed on the map interface.

Scheduled missions can be any kind creatable by your commander within the limits of the IL-2 full mission builder. (Note: not all missions are supported at the time of writing this guide. No carrier operations of any kind are available). By checking the box beside a unit description its path is displayed on the map interface. For aircraft the waypoints are displayed on the map along with the task designations of the waypoint (Attack, Land, etc). Just to the left of the checkbox is a text pad icon. Moving the pointer over the pad displays the mission briefing for this flight. This may be auto-generated text in the case of reinforcements or withdrawals, or it is text entered by your commander as detailed instructions. This same text will appear in the mission briefing prior to flying.