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Availability: SEDCS3.00(A), SEDB30, MP4-v4.285 or later


IL-2 supports a single type of long-range rocket artillery, the Fi-103 V1 flying bomb (in "ramp" and "air" variants). Historically, the effective range of this type of rocket was approximately 240 km. Inside FMB the rocket cannot be targetted successfully over distances shorter than 30 km. In FMB the rocket can be configured to point in any direction, to commence the mission with a waiting period (e.g. 5 min), to have a set reloading time (e.g. 20 min between launches) and to fire up to a set number of rockets per mission (e.g. 10 launches).

SEOW supports all these features and more. SEOW regards a V1 rocket launcher as a platoon of type "ARK" (artillery/rocket). When mobile, each V1 platoon converts automatically to a vehicle column of type "GermanyCarsColumnA" by default. When stationary or inactive, the V1 platoon is placed as a V1 launcher (ramp variant only) surrounded by vehicles of the "GermanyCarsColumnA" column (both ramp and air variants). Because of the specialized nature of the V1 platoon, destruction of any one of the vehicles or of the launcher ramp itself renders the entire V1 platoon useless and registers as a total platoon destruction event.

Every V1 platoon has icon tooltips similar to standard army platoon tooltips, apart from some extra information regarding targeting range and reload time (see tooltip image below). These operational parameters apply equally for ALL V1 platoons in the map, and are set in the Rocket_Parameters table of the database. Additionally, SEOW provides for a random delay time set individually for each V1 platoon. The delay time is a random number of minutes, with maximum value set by the Uncertainty field of the Rocket_Parameters table. E.g. Uncertainty = 10 means that each V1 platoon will have fired at least once after 10 minutes of the mission has elapsed.

V1 platoons can be ordered to barrage a target on the map using the MP "Logistics : Rockets" tool. Barrage targets can be designated with a simple mouse click over the map. Barrage targets are locations, not individual enemy units or infrastructure. Multiple V1 platoons can target the same location. Barrage target locations automatically enable all industrial installations within 10 km as live targets (e.g. for strategic bombing) in each mission that the barrages are active. Barrages persist from mission to mission until cancelled by the commander or until the V1 platoon is destroyed. V1 platoons that are barraging may be moved, and will re-commence barraging the same target location in the next mission after the movement is completed.

Happy barraging!

PS: HistorySFX Mod v3.2 also supports the V-2 rocket. In SEDB32C this object is known as "V-2 Big Ben" on the Allied side and "Aggregat-4, Vergeltungswaffe-2" on the Axis side. For tasking and barraging, the V-2 operates in exactly the same way as the V-1, described above.

New Feature:: Availability: SEDCS6.0.0, SEDB60, MP4-v6.0.0 or later

This tool has been greatly extended to include indirect fire artillery barrages as well as a variety of rocket artillery units. See the Artillery Barrages and Indirect Fire page.