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Availability: SEDCS3.0 and SEDB30 or later


Under the "Flight Modes" tab in the DCS, there is a checkbox for "Create Host Seat (recommended)". The Host Seat is a dummy aircraft inserted into the coop file and placed on the map with zero fuel far to the southwest (by default, but the actual location is configurable). Combat actions involving the Host Seat aircraft are ignored by SEOW, so it is an ideal seat to be occupied by the coop server without affecting the campaign. The use of the Host Seat is not mandatory - it is perfectly possible to both host and fly as a combat pilot in the same SEOW coop if desired and FPS/lag permits.

If the "Create Host Seat (recommended)" checkbox is checked, two menus will appear: one menu to select the aircraft type for the dummy Host Seat, and the other menu to select the national alignment of the Host Seat aircraft. Choices for the aircraft type are "Bf-109Z", "Ki-27 Ko (Nate)", "PZL P.11c" and "Yak-15". If you have HSFX4 Mod, a new option "Radar Control" is available. This is the mod controller object that produces radar logging and can be used as a host seat. National alignment choices are "Allied (flight r0133)" and "Axis (flight g0133)". It should be possible to use Host Seat dummy aircraft types that are present as valid combat aircraft in the campaign, but it is best to choose a type that stands out so human pilots can easily avoid it in the in-game lobby. The aircraft type and nationality of the Host Seat can be changed from mission to mission.

SEOW v3.3 Extension

The new "Radar Controller Late" object that was introduced in HSFX 5.0 is supported by SEDCS v3.3.0.

SEOW v7 Extension

One of the new features of SEOW7 is the way in which the Radar Control aircraft (the pink-skin B29 in HSFX) is handled.

As previously, you can select the Radar Control aircraft as the host seat. This will give you the B29 sitting on a temporary runway at the selected location. Unfortunately in some maps with heavy missions or in bad weather, this can lead to damage events which cause the B29 crew to bail out, terminating the radar function.

In SEOW7, if Radar is enabled in the settings and you choose a non-Radar Control plane for the host seat, SEOW will add an AI-only B29 Radar Control plane to the mission and will allocate this plane an air start, fuel and waypoints sufficient for 5 hours flight. This should avoid the crash issues for radar aircraft on the ground, and give you a separate host seat.

SEOW will allocate the early-war Radar Control aircraft (RadarControlChainHome) prior to 1 September 1943 and the late-war Radar Control aircraft (RadarControlChainHome_Late) from September 1943 onwards. The Late version has better detection accuracy, consistent with developments in technology for late-war scenarios.