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EDIT: B16Enk has not updated his installer recently, so it is not well out of date with respect to the latest SEOW release. If you would like B16Enk to revise his installer, then please let him know!

If it is of any interest to some here, I have taken the current SEOW and packaged it up with 'Uniform Server.

It's the whole shebang, and weighs in at 124Mb, nice thing is you just un pack it and it's ready to use.

The SEOW Server in a box.... http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=115125

It's a self extractor and will default to install in a folder called 'Uniform Server' (how appropriate) in the root of whichever folder you have it in. It should work wherever...

Now the all important stuff:

Once extracted go to the folder, in Windows Explorer, look for and double click 'UniController.exe'. This will start the web server, and the fun can now begin...no installation required and no changes to your system (apart from firewall prompts).

It will create a new temporary drive, W:, that is a mirror of the folder in which it is installed. Backing this up will also back up the databases.

All web files are 'served' out of x:\Uniform Server\udrive\www. x:\Uniform Server\udrive\www\mp4 is the SEOW system, you can add other folders here (in x:\Uniform Server\udrive\www) and referencing them via http://localhost/your_folder_name will server your site (providing there is an index/default.html/php file there).

SEOW pages are accessed using: http://localhost/mp4

Passwords are default, for commanders and admin.

They are: admin - password is 'admin'

alliedhq (user) london (password)

axishq (user) berlin (password)

Password for MySQL database access is:

root (user) root (password)

This is what you need for DCS.

If you go to http://localhost/apanel you will get the admin panel for the server, where no end of goodies await, including the means to change passwords etc.

I have populated the database with all SEOW campaign sectors, and all maps SEOW supports are available.

There is an anomaly, the titles on the SE campaign page have an errant character in place of the '|' and I don't know why.