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Command/Control Feature

From SEOW v3.2, the Command/Control feature is available. With this feature, some units may be given the ability to order nearby friendly units to change their locations immediately (via the MP between missions). This can be used to great effect in reorganizing naval task forces, and in changing defensive lines on the ground.

To support this feature, a new "Command_Control" field has been added to the Object_Specifications table. This field indicates those objects that are given the power to Command/Control nearby units. By default, this power is given to capital ships (carriers, cruisers, battleships) and a few vehicle types (command columns, radio cars), but designers are free to edit this field to give Command/Control to other object types as desired.

Essentially Command/Control works the same way as normal freight loading/unloading of units. Load a nearby unit onto a Command/Control unit, then immediately unload it to the desired new location without incurring disembarkation delays. This simulates a local commander ordering all nearby units to shift position without requiring movement orders to be run in the next mission. Of course, you can do this anyway without a Command/Control unit if you have a transport unit around, but Command/Control allows you to bypass any disembarkation delays. Also this was problematic for naval task forces where shipping was previously unable to load other capital ships as freight. The Command/Control logic now supports this naval rearrangement action. For ground units, the Control Radius governs loading/unloading, as usual. For naval units the specific radius is 10 km.

Here is a brief example. Consider a naval task force of 1 battleship and 2 destroyers in line astern formation steaming east to a north-south coastline with enemy artillery batteries present. The commander wants to bombard the batteries, but his task force is arranged incorrectly. He needs to arrange the task force line abreast. In the MP, he goes to the Logistics:Freight tool and selects the battleship unit (Command/Control unit) as the freighter. In turn he loads each destroyer as freight, then immediately unloads each destroyer (directly north and directly south) of the battleship, making line abreast for an eastwards movement. The commander then orders the task force to steam east until within range of the coast, stopping with a final orientation of north. In the next mission the task force then steams to the coast, line abreast, and then stops within range and each ship faces north, making broadsides to the target. The task force is a north-south line of ships, each facing north and firing broadsides to the eastern coast.

Possible Abuses of Command/Control

It is possible for unscrupulous commanders to load ships aboard Command/Control-enabled capital ships and leave them there, hidden, to be unloaded at a later time. Hopefully you aren't playing SEOW with anyone who would intentionally do that. Be aware that the software does not track and prevent such behaviour. SEOW is designed as a tool to assist you run a campaign, but it cannot prevent all possible misuses of the system.