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(Contributed by PA_Dore)

Perhaps you need to modify a Mod map to:

  • Get best playability online, i.e. improve FPS.
  • Add specific objects for your campaign, like scenery, infrastructure etc.

Thanks to Asheshouse for help  ;-)

You need 3 programs:


Expanding the actors.static file

  • Create a working folder into which you copy the actors.static files from the required map folders.
i.e for HistorySFX mod: ...\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\Files\maps\MapName
  • Create two separate *.bat files as follows:


@echo off 
java -jar Act.jar create 


@echo off 
java -jar Act.jar extract actors.static

Now you can start working on your actors.static file

  • Run extract.bat --- this will create your set of out*.txt files
  • Rename all out*.txt to in*.txt
  • Ensure that Mapsize.txt has the y value in metres of your map. Create.bat will read this value so it will not run correctly without it. For Battle_of_France_1940 my Mapsize.txt file is:
# Size of map y direction in meters 
  • Rename the actors.static to actors.static.bak --- just to stop it being overwritten.

Editing the Actors File

  • Edit inBuildings.txt to remove objects Use Remove_Objects_for_Il-2 to delete the entries you want remove. For example, you might want to remove 50% of the small buildings to increase FPS as you fly over towns and cities.
  • Edit inBuildings.txt to add objects Of course, you can also add objects. For example, you might want to build a special installation, or a line of defense or anything.
  • Renumber your file When done, renumber inBuildings.txt using Renumber_inBuildings (which creates inBuildings_neu). Check with a text editor that the first line that doesn't appear empty (0_ ). Remove it if need be. Save as "inBuildings.txt".
  • Build your actors.static file Run create.bat - this will create your new actors.static file that you can use inside your Mod map folder.
  • Install in your Mod Map Folder In your map folder, backup the existing actors.static file. Copy and paste the new actors.static into your map folder. Run FMB to view your new content on the map!

Note Because this is a Mod technique, all players will need the updated actors.static file in order to see the changes.