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The Latest Official Release Versions

SEDCS SEDCS3.2.5 <=== changed 1 November 2009

MP MP4-v4.593 <=== changed 25 October 2009 Statistics v1.127 <=== changed 25 October 2009

SEDB SEDB32D <=== changed 25 October 2009

A new SEOW release has just been issued, with a range of new features including a set of new map sectors prepared lovingly by PA_Dore, taking us to 56 supported sectors! This SEOW release also supports some exciting new Mods available in the HSFX4.0 release. Prime among these are direct, seamless support for strategic radar and for partial ship damage. Note that the partial ship damage Mod does not yet capture all events by all players, but it is certainly a great step forward over the stock IL-2 game.

Many thanks to all contributors, especially Dore for his magnificent sector contributions. Here is a list of the important changes/fixes:

MP4 v4.593

  • ) Corrected isInCCCI() function to use proper control radius variable (PA_Dore)
  • ) Included toggle aircraft option (=69GIAP=TUSHKA)
  • ) Support for partial ship damage events
  • ) Revised escort landing waypoints code (Warg/Doc)
  • ) Added AAT class object displays to ProductionCosts page
  • ) Support for Radar Screen, together with Sajax core
  • ) Freighted units were showing the the GATTACK target selector for admin login - prevented this
  • ) Corrected bug displaying unnecessary orientation information in supply point tooltips for admin user
  • ) New maps: Iasi, Odessa, Kiev, Kiev_AP, 6 versions of The Slot, Philippines, Channel 1940, El Alamein (PA_Dore)
  • ) Updated Ardennes mapping (PA_Dore)
  • ) Added SouthAfrica, ItalyANR and ItalyICAF icons
  • ) Enforced Ace skill level for Famous Aces in MP-NUCommit.php
  • ) Support for display of Skill Upgrade notices
  • ) Removed Recon Range minima from OptionsScreen
  • ) Corrected handling of seaplanes and ship freight loading
  • ) Object images for HSFX4 (WTE_Ikey)
  • ) More graceful handling of absent forces in MP-ForceHistory.php, and better support for MS Access there too
  • ) Support for "Supply Only" freight units, e.g. fuel trucks (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • ) Updated credits page

Statistics v1.127

  • ) Performed Unicode translations in the lang files, and extended the LL character mapping filter
  • ) Cache management toolset with script timing display
  • ) Fixed double counting of some withdrawal missions
  • ) Corrected identification and sorting of missions history in MP-PilotDetails.php
  • ) Corrected mission details path generation for special campaign theatre names
  • ) Improved Francais support (PA_Dore)
  • ) Improved language pack structure usage in PilotDetails page
  • ) Integrated ship damage statistics reporting


  • ) Totally revised Airforce_Units, HSFX4 compatible
  • ) Totally revised Object_Specifications, HSFX4 compatible, now defining over 900 combat objects for use in SEOW!!!
  • ) Massively extended Airbase_Layouts, Airbases, Highways, Highways_Intersections, Railway_Waypoints, Railway_Intersections, Resupply_Points, Tile_Map_Codes tables (PA_Dore)
  • ) Revised field dimensions in many tables
  • ) New tables Ship_Damage_Status, Skill_Upgrades

SEDCS v3.2.4

  • ) Automatic processing of ship damage event reports
  • ) Corrected freight damage allocation
  • ) Corrected handling of Aircraft Carrier damage events
  • ) Added selectors for host seat location; new host aircraft "Radar Control" with high-vis skin; host aircraft gets automatic temporary runway
  • ) Added radar settings tab
  • ) Changes to subDestroyFreight to use Floor instead of Ceiling; also put lower threshold on freight destruction to ignore tiny damage events
  • ) Added option to specify deployment percentage of runway lights
  • ) Removed lower limits on recon range parameters (Ala13_Nachote)
  • ) Added Famous Ace Charisma logic for skill upgrades
  • ) Corrected Infantry Chief placement for new HSFX4 Mobile forms
  • ) Split CS update SQL into two to accommodate short queries in MSAccess
  • ) Updated credits page

SEDCS v3.2.5

  • ) Host aircraft selection fixed for radar choice


MP4 v4.555

  • ) Fixed quotation mark display in Airbase names (Loon)
  • ) France sector support (PA_Dore)
  • ) Balaton sector support (PA_Dore)
  • ) Philippine sector support (PA_Dore)
  • ) Revised route block visibility and toggling (PA_Dore)
  • ) Reworked Force History page to have selectable mission windows.
  • ) Added Capital Investment tool to Force History page.
  • ) Corrected Production Types logic to allow identification of enemy production types.
  • ) A change of factory production type automatically reduces the factory point balance to zero.
  • ) Pilot Reports now handle quotation marks better. (IV/JG7_Warg)
  • ) Improved partial recon information at airbases through the TypeCode calls.
  • ) Added airbase mapping support for Crimea (=69.GIAP=TUSHKA)
  • ) Added artillery scenery and CCCI requirements options to Options Screen.
  • ) Fixed quote handling in Objectives tools.
  • ) Added logic to support CCCI factors in army movement (IAF.116~ViFF)
  • ) Updated Credits page.

Statistics v1.120

  • ) Corrected the midnight hour bug in the Mission End time.
  • ) Extended character decoding support in stats_functions.php and converted all stats pages to UTF-8 encoding.

SEDCS v3.2.3

  • ) Added options controlling artillery emplacement scenery and CCCI requirements (IAF.116~ViFF)
  • ) Added Call modUtilities.subGatherAirForces() to basMissionBuilder.subGenerateMission() to correct specification of flight names in .properties file.
  • ) Temporary fix to replace electric lights at concrete strips by campfires, due to the HSFX Mod to dim navigation lights and tracers.
  • ) Added event time to aircraft capture records in ActionData in subCapturedAirframes()
  • ) Corrected bad SQL in subCapturedAirframes()
  • ) Corrected handling of airbase thresholds in basMissionBuilder.subMakeAirMission() (PA_Dore)
  • ) Corrected handling of quotes in Mission Objectives.
  • ) Updated Credits form.


  • ) In Stalingrad sector, corrected Znamensk Railway Station Target_X to 176550 (Doc)
  • ) Corrected Nordhorn road intersection
  • ) Added CCCI_Restriction and Artillery_Furniture fields to Campaign_Settings table (the only structural change).
  • ) New data for France, Philippines, Balaton (Dore)
  • ) New HSFX v3.2 and v3.2.1 objects, including V-2 rockets.
  • ) Revised Airforce_Units, Aircraft_Loadouts tables.

DCS v3.2.2

  • ) Corrected FrontMarker SQL for "strategic and military control" option to place markers on all ground units except trains. Revised front marker generation to use control fields directly for Railway_Stations and Resupply_Points, rather than counting numbers of nearby units. (TA_Findo)
  • ) Revised handling of scenery objects to ensure that their damage state reflects local combat actions. Now template designers can build their own scenery (forts, towns, airbases, etc) and the associated damage state will be managed similarly to standard SEOW urban damage, i.e. based on local combat events and repaired at the same rate as industrial repair.
  • ) Corrected handling of captured aircraft after crew bailout behind enemy lines (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • ) Reduced the placement of runway lights: now only place fires and runway lights during the day if weather is raining or worse.
  • ) Corrected initial waypoint altitude specifications for Escort aircraft coming from OffMap locations, to prevent immediate collisions on spawn (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • ) Updated Factory Groups algorithm to define groups at the City level, rather than sector-wide. (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • ) Corrected DBNull error in subUpdateReconRefitAndRepair for MSAccess database connections.

MP4 (Patch from v4.520 to v4.540)

  • ) All changes in patch to v4.534.
  • ) Tightened targeting constraints for Supply Drops. Now the recon must be greater than recon threshold before a supply drop can be targeted. (WTE_Ikey)
  • ) Enhanced Ostfriesland mapping support (PA_Dore)
  • ) Added force capital costs to Mission Planning Tools tooltip and to Force History page, but only if Use_Costs setting is enabled (22GCT_Gross)
  • ) Corrected Force History page to include spy listings and mission numbering.
  • ) Improved MP handling of quotation marks in object verbose names, e.g. B-29 'Silverplate' Superfortress (22GCT_Gross)

MP4 (Patch from v4.520 to v4.534)

  • ) All changes in patch to v4.532
  • ) Sardegna support (PA_Dore)
  • ) Added test for mysql PHP module in makeDBconnection() (rnzoli)
  • ) Corrected broken MSAccess SQL for factory production types
  • ) Corrected factory production selectors to allow train production and to show all valid units
  • ) Updated Credits and Map definitions pages

SEDB32 patch

  • ) A small patch release to SEDB32B, including Sardegna data in Access and MySQL formats, including the MySQL reference database and Sardegna SQL scripts. No structural changes.

SEDCS v3.2.1

  • Improved handling of damage to combined units by tracking Unit_Name_Mapping identities.
  • Corrected bad string->double cast in subFindLocation() in subAdvanceUnit() section.
  • Corrected display of Industrial Recon Decay in frmMain
  • Corrected SQL for successful Paratrooper Assaults
  • Added some code to prevent supply and strength numbers dropping below zero.
  • Corrected handling of partial damage to paratrooper assault units arising from multiple parachute kill events (Ala13_Nachote)
  • Updated SQL to handle new combined structure for Convoys_Vehicles.
  • Ensured that Factories are not allocated production points at template initialization time.
  • Corrected handling of Pilot "landed" events in modMissionAnalyzer.subUpdatePilotStatus(). It is possible for a plane to land even though the pilot is dead, so a "landed" event should not overwrite a previous KIA/Captured/Bailed status. (II/JG3F.Muller)
  • Updated the copyright period on the splashscreen to include 2009.
  • Commented out a basMessageBox() call in subAddAirRegiment() (=69.GIAP=TUSHKA)
  • Ensured that partially destroyed Engineer units now repair infrastructure (bridges) proportionately to their remaining strength.


  • Extended mapping for Kursk (PA_Dore)
  • Corrected Augusta PHP in Fortress Malta sector (PA_Dore)
  • Fixed ProductionTypes loader in MP-SQL.php (Paddington)
  • Corrected quote handling in MP-FreightLoader.php (Grifo_rott)
  • Updated Francais.lang for Statistics (PA_Dore)
  • Corrected display of unit names with multiple brackets in EscortForm and on the Big Yellow Button
  • Expanded DefaultFlightAltitude to optionally employ the MaxSpeedAlt data from Object_Specifications. If $DefaultFlightAltitude < 0 then it is taken as a percentage of the MaxSpeedAlt to use as default waypoint altitude. Example: DefaultFlightAltitude = -85 => 0.85*MaxSpeedAlt will be the default waypoint altitude. Normal Ceiling and MinAltitude restrictions are observed, including the CS setting of MaxSpeedAlt as Ceiling. (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Corrected recon parameters loader in MP-Head.js to handle new Sector_Recon_Parameters structure (IV/JG7_Warg)
  • Corrected definition of ttgif in drawObj() and drawTransporter() (IV/JG7_Warg)
  • Corrected default green page DB connection definitions (Goanna)
  • Corrected ProductionTypes SQL loader
  • Added fictional Borduria and Syldavia icon support (IV/JG7_Warg)
  • Added extra images for HistorySFX vehicles and bazookas
  • Corrected Statistics for Top-Up losses and for Axis unit strafing (IIJG3K.Brandle)


  • Completely revised the Convoys_Vehicles table (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Completely revised the Ostfriesland highways
  • Changed Stat1 index for Combined_Unit_Losses table (MySQL) (Grifo_rott)
  • Updated Object_Specifications table to include all HistorySFX objects <=== 05/03/2009

  • "Truck_Type 94" corrected to "Truck_Type 94" in Object_Costs (Brandle)
  • Kursk, Moscow and Smolensk Highway updates
  • Bridge 164 length corrected in Kursk (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Sub behaviour changed to account for submerge/surface function in MP
  • Greatly enhanced settings in Campaign_Settings table
  • Extra P-47D loadouts (Hitcher)
  • Added and populated Route_BLockages table
  • Corrected use of Stationary$BikeBMW in Convoys_Vehicles table - use Kettenkrad (22GCT_Gross)
  • Added Paratrooper_Assault_Orders table
  • Reworked AircraftLoadouts, Airforce_Units, Army_Units, Convoys_Trains, Convoys_Vehicles, Resupply_Points, Highways, Railway_Waypoints, Bridges (=69.GIAP=Tushka), Industrial_Installations tables
  • Added Paratrooper_Assault_Orders, Air_Regiment_Structure, Combined _Unit_Status, Combined_Unit_Losses, Railway_Intersections, Railway_Rolling_Stop, Railway_Stations tables
  • Deleted Railways, Shipping_Convoy_Routes, Shipping_Convoy_Waypoints, Squadron_Flight_Names, SquadronData, Station_Layouts, Station_Type, TheatreData, WeaponDescriptions tables
  • Vastly changed Object_Specifications table, including explicit support for new HistorySFX objects (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Index definition in the Combined_Unit_Losses table (

SEDCS3.2.0 <=== 28/02/2009

  • Made SQL compression a default setting for MySQL connections.
  • Corrected alignment of Railway Station target objects (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Added support for Delayed Flights
  • Elevated combat platoon status to balloons and searchlights (works best with HistorySFX Mod v3.1)
  • Added support for propaganda leaflet drops
  • Added support for selectable mission durations (22GCT_Gross)
  • Added support for train mission tasking and parking
  • Added support for placement of "_ru" at the end of .properties filenames; now if the option is checked, three files will be written: the 2 standard files + the "" file (22GCT_Gross)
  • Extended use of combined unit placement, armour style, to HSFX Mod infantry units (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Added support for paratrooper assault missions (102nd_YU_Vuk)
  • Completely revised Air Regiment naming logic: now driven by extended Airforce_Units table (IV/JG7_Warg)
  • Removed Complex Ground Movement exception for terminating routes
  • Some modifications to the flight withdrawal model. Specifically, any airbase with "Withdrawal" in its name will be treated as a landing withdrawal point (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Deprecated the use of table "Station_Types" in favour of the new "Railway_Stations" table
  • Corrected calculation of train bearing
  • Changed Complex Ground Movement to ensure that trains always end at even grid locations
  • Changed slider so that Supply:Weight ratio can be varied arbitrarily (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Added support for automatic tracking of partial vehicle column and train loss
  • Added HistorySFX FactoryProductionMode option
  • Made AIOnly directives explicit depending on HistorySFX Mode selection
  • Added heavy rail freight option, and added morale and supply modification to units emergency unloaded from partially destroyed trains
  • Refined resolution on Supply Production Rates sliders
  • Added support for Spy units
  • Added unit class-dependent CGM modes (102nd_YU_Devill)
  • All recon parameters now declared public, and read from the extended Sector_Recon_Parameters table in a new sub called from subResolveMission
  • Extended civil morale tests to HSFX objects (buses etc)
  • Added code to handle train rolling stops
  • Revised modUtilities.subDestroyFreight() for partial destruction of combined units
  • Extra checking for valid unit types in modMissionAnalyzer => slightly more graceful template aborts
  • Corrected handling of Industrial Installation recon, especially from Spy actions
  • Corrected aircraft destruction SQL at captured airbases (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Corrected initialization of blank templates
  • Made slider resolution for the Initial Infrastructure Load sliders 0.1%
  • Extended special character support for unit names
  • Abstracted the idle usage rate constants from modSupply into the Campaign_Settings table
  • Moved the air and ground planning durations into the DB, making them no longer universal to the MP install
  • Support for Railway Stations as a freight resource

MP4-v4.520 <=== 28/02/2009

  • Added context menu command to move selected submarine units between surfaced and submerged states
  • Corrected TopUp counter SQL (13_Baxter)
  • Added Med corrections (22GCT_Gross) and corrected Omura North php file for Kyushu (Hitcher)
  • Corrected display of artillery ranges in MP-OptionScreen.php (RAF74_Taipan)
  • Added support for Delayed Flights option
  • Added secrecy option for escorts (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Added propaganda leaflet drops
  • Corrected loadout selector for Recon, Supply and Propaganda flights
  • Corrected display of Propaganda Drop icons
  • Implementation of mission length support (22GCT_Gross)
  • Added support for route blockage display
  • Gave due credit to the Mediterranean builders, and to =69.GIAP=MYATA for his Kurland high-res efforts
  • Corrected initial and ending waypoint altitudes and speeds for escort flights (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Corrected handling of air transfers in SOG tools for withdraw points
  • Enabled train movement
  • Inserted a test in the reinforcements NU code to prevent trains being stacked on top of each other at resupply points
  • Filtered trains so that wagons do not appear as selectable reinforcements
  • Adjusted the context menu to remove extraneous functions depending on selected unit type
  • Enhanced withdrawUnit() in MP-Head.js and MP-WithdrawUnit.php to handle train withdrawals
  • Libya support (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Enabled paratrooper assault support (102nd_YU_Devill)
  • Greatly revised the Affiliation() function in the MP to take advantage of the new Airforce_Units table
  • Corrected display of initial infrastructure load settings in MP-OptionsScreen.php
  • Corrected handling of Delay and ETA data for NUCommit.php
  • Improved handling of rail In Progress missions
  • A little scrutiny of supply usage and unit endurance calculations (Paddington)
  • Removed air and ground duration parameters from MP-Configuration.php - they are now DB settings
  • Updated OptionsScreen for latest campaign settings
  • Added support for heavy rail freight option, further debugging of train freight (II/JG3K.Brandle, IV/JG7_Warg)
  • Increased ship grid spacing parameters in MP-NUCommit.php (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Removed reference to Railway Platform coordinates from MP-SQL.php; now uses Railway target coordinates
  • Set up supply unloading to railway stations
  • Correction of naming alias for Range field in CO query of MP-SQL.php (22GCT_Gross)
  • Added slashes to query results for army, rail and naval unit names
  • Added MP config option to allow dynamic width of select menus
  • Extended character support for units
  • Allowed national icon display for army units as well as airforce units
  • Revised handling of HistorySFX support in MP-OptionsScreen.php, MP-ProductionCosts.php, MP-ManageCampaign.php and in data loading in MP-SQL.php
  • Handling of Multisector flag on resupply points in GS tools (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Corrected handling of Command and Control functions especially for shipping (102nd_HR_Cmirko, 102nd_YU_Devill, 242Sqn_Chap)
  • Support for English Channel sector (PA_Dore)
  • Added new context option to toggle all friendly unit engagement ranges (102nd_HR_Cmirko)
  • Updated ProductionCosts.php screen to show command/control and paratroop status
  • Added support for Spy units
  • Constructed an array for the ObjectRoles table and got MP-Head,js to use direct references to the contents, rather than hard-coded role descriptions
  • Fortress Malta support (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Support for Slovakia Lite and Gothic Line maps (EAF92_Brigstock, 242Sqn_Chap, 22GCT_Gross, 22GCT_Hawk)
  • Corrected display of railway resupply points, and added bearing of rail supply points for admin users
  • Extended select widths in Industrial Production tool; minor display adjustments for GoF, Ardennes, Lvov, Manchuria, Murmansk so Railway supply points will show at edges of the map
  • Immediate selection of units now works to fill out all drop down menus with default selections
  • Extra Object Images (AMVI_Dax)
  • Reformatted Airbase tooltips for greater legibility
  • Extra string escaping for Supply Drops, Pilot Reports
  • Updated logic to prevent display of old propaganda drops
  • Corrected handling of carrier-based escorts in MP-Head.js (Hitcher)
  • Enhancements for Prokhorovka (PA_Dore)
  • Updated map loader strings for HistorySFX (242Sqn_Chap)
  • Added extra national insignias for HistorySFX nations (242Sqn_Chap)

Statistics v1.114 <=== 28/02/2009

  • Added text formatting support to Stats pages by extending the LL() function in stats_functions.php
  • Corrected Costs handling for Vehicle/Trains in MP-PilotDetails.php
  • Added optional display of pilot skills to MissionDetails.php Chronological Action Events (Mhondoz)
  • Added extra spacing to the last three tables in MP-PilotDetails.php to allow for long verbose names
  • Minor alteration of "Vehicle" and "Mechanized" in English.lang file to take new Infantry units into account
  • Corrections for paratroopers
  • Updated language packs to incorporate the Rail table in CumulativeLosses page; added DB-driven calculation of vehicle column and train sizes
  • Corrected Stats pages for the redesigned Convoys tables
  • Corrected display of Supply Dump Protagonist image in MP-MissionDetails.php (22GCT)
  • Corrected handling of parachute destruction events in MP-MissionDetails.php (II/JG3K.Brandle)
  • Upgraded Stats engine to handle new Airforce_Units structure
  • Corrected mis-attributions for vehicle destruction and extended ObjMissionDisposition queries for surrender and desertion events