Propaganda Leaflet Drops

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From SEOW v3.2.0 onwards, commanders have the ability to perform propaganda leaflet drops. This works in a very similar fashion to supply drops, with the main exception being that you don't have to pre-load the propaganda leaflets on your transport flight. It is assumed that all airbases have an endless supply of friendly propaganda leaflets. Transport aircraft carry multiple "loads" of leaflets. One leaflet load is equivalent to one freight capacity point, so a transport that can carry 3 freight points will drop at most 3 leaflet loads (all pickled together). To run a propaganda drop do the following:

1. Select your transport aircraft and give it waypoints to fly over the target enemy units.

2. At the drop waypoint, give it waypoint task "P" (Propaganda).

3. Return the aircraft to base and give it landing orders.

4. It may be flown by AI or humans, according to the Human/AI Supply/Recon flight campaign setting.

When the mission is flown, the propaganda leaflet drop is assumed to be successful if:

(a) The AI pilot stays in the air until the planned drop ETA is passed.


(b) The human pilot toggles smoke the FIRST time, marking the drop location and time.

Propaganda flights may be shot down AFTER dropping leaflets without affecting the propaganda result.

What happens if a propaganda drop is successful? The location, time and number of leaflet loads of the drop is noted by SEOW. For each load dropped, SEOW finds all enemy units within the Control Radius of the drop location and reduces their morale state by one level. Morale reductions from multiple leaflet loads are cumulative. Reductions in morale state can potentially induce enemy units to surrender or desert. The beauty of the propaganda drop is that you do not need to have recon on enemy units to affect their morale. Just get your propaganda drop near them and they will feel it.

R-PropagandaDrop.gif G-PropagandaDrop.gif Allied and Axis propaganda drop icons.

How can I defend against a propaganda drop?

1. Fighter cover and flak: kill the transport aircraft before it drops its leaflets.

2. Political realignment: Keep friendly morale influencing units (staff cars, radio cars etc) nearby your troop concentrations. They ADD to friendly unit morale, so can OFFSET effects of propaganda drops.