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First off, it is recommended that whenever possible a neutral third party should act as the administrator. This removes any claims of bias from either side. Alternatively both sides can agree on an administrator, but I would recommend that the administrator not be a commander for either side.

Figure 16 - Administrator Sector Management

After logging in to the administrator account the sector map screen is displayed. In the upper left hand corner there is now a new option available (Manage <Sector> Campaign see Figure 16 above). The administrator also has the ability to perform all the functions available to both Axis and Allied commanders.

Upon selecting the Manage <Sector> Campaign link the following screen is now displayed:

Figure 17 - Manage Campaign Menu

By selecting the Objectives links the administrator can change the Sector overview text available to both sides. You can also change the sector objectives text for either side. The objectives and context text do not affect the game play in any way and are for information only. This text should not be altered without the complete agreement from both commanders. To change the text simply edit the appropriate text in place. Once you are satisfied with your changes click the save button.

Figure 18 - Campaign Context and Objectives

The commanders link allows you to define the usernames and passwords for the administrator, commanders and read-only accounts for use with a particular database installation of Scorched Earth.

Figure 19 - Username and Password Administration

The reinforcements button allows the administrator to create air/land/sea reinforcements for both sides in the conflict. These reinforcements will be immediately available to the axis/allied commander. There are 3 different classes of reinforcements; Ground Forces, Naval, and Air. To change the type of reinforcement click on the description button above the reinforcement list.

There is a check box in the upper right hand corner of the reinforcements window titled Historical Dates. When checked this feature limits the unit selections to those available during the current sector time. If you are playing Stalingrad in December 1942 then only units available on or before that date are included for selection.

Figure 20 - Administrator Air Reinforcement

The reinforcement screen is split into two columns, one for allied and the other for axis. To create reinforcements select the originating Supply point from the drop down list for either the axis or allied side. Some maps do not have supply points for either ground or naval reinforcements. This is not a bug. For instance there a no Ground supply points on the New Guinea map. Only ground units included in the template are available. No new ground units can be created and existing units cannot be reinforced, unless the administrator edits the SE database to add new supply point definitions on the map. Select the type of unit to provide as reinforcements, this is usually provided as a request from a commander or from both commanders as a list of maximum reinforcements for both sides. Finally select the number available (1-64) from the dropdown. If you are satisfied with your selections click on the small right hand arrow next to the number of units requested. The drop downs will now be cleared and you select will appear in the list of reinforcements.

You can only have one reinforcement group of each type of unit at each supply point. In Figure 20 the Allied player has two groups of P-51B – Mustangs, one entering from the Suva Supply and the other form Cairns Supply. You can have one group of eight if you wanted or you could have 1 group of four at one supply point and the other group of four at the other supply point. If you want to add more reinforcements of a particular type to a supply point select as if adding a new reinforcement but for the number available enter the total you want available, not the additional number of craft you desire. If you have 2 P-40E's at a supply point and you are requested to add 6 more P-40E's enter 8 for the number not 6.