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I added this section to give squadrons a chance to tell everyone about their campaign experience using the SEOW.

III/JG11 vs Air Group 51 --- JG11 from Australia and AG51 from the U.S. have been battling the virtual skies using the SEOW for over two years now. It has made us the best of friends. Each campaign adds a level of difficulty and rarely does any side dominate the war.

- III/JG11 -
- Air Group 51 -
- Air Group 51 and VF-83 have joined forces in a battle against the Fuji Flyers for "The Battle of the Ryuku Islands."  This is the first mission on Air Group 51's SEOW server.

SEOW HQ --- This is a site dedicated to the highest level of SEOW campaigning, run by 4Shades. It is tough, uncompromising and certainly not for everyone. We are currently running a multi-sector campaign for Operation Taifun, set on the Russian Front in October 1941.


Les Pirates de l'Air --- PA SEOW Campaign is provided by Dore (PA-Dore). It's the first French Squad which have SEOW campaign experience. Great works!

- Les pirates de l'air -

=69.GIAP= --- SEOW campaigns including planning, briefing and training for them are the core squadron activites of =69.GIAP=. Statistics from several past and current campaigns can be found under the "SEOW" link on our home page.

- =69.GIAP= -

22GCT Community --- 22GCT and friends conduct serious historical SEOW campaigns using state of the art server technology. 22GCT is based in Europe and includes IAF, AMVI, 242Sqn, 15/JG52 and 102nd among their campaign partners.

- 22GCT Community -

Trolls Airforce --- Escadrille virtuelle Forgotten Battles 1946, et plus si affinités

- Trolls Airforce -

Also, check out the SEOW Facebook entry!!!