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The Scorched Earth Online War system (SEOW) supports many different kinds of airbases, including ALL normal airbases defined on the FB+PF maps, plus temporary airbases and seaplane bases. Off Map flights (where aircraft spawn at the edge of the map) are effectively located at “virtual airbases” that have no infrastructure associated with them.

There are literally hundreds of different airbases across the various maps supported in SEOW. Rather than coding infrastructure layouts (for parking places, runway lights, searchlight locations, balloons locations etc) for each individual airbase, SEOW makes use of the fact that many airbases have identical layouts. SEOW has identified all these “Airbase Types”, and the layout of each type is contained in a SEOW database table. Presently there are about 20 types of normal airbase defined. The actual layouts are not fixed by Oleg – they are our own default layouts. Advanced users may wish to add their own layouts for specialized campaigns, and it is not so hard to do!

The information in this document summarises design, data capture and coding work performed by RAF74_Taipan and IV/JG7_4Shades. Third party contributions are noted as appropriate. SEOW is a free add-on to the IL-2 series of simulations developed by 1C: Maddox and published by Ubi.

!! [How Layouts Work]

SEOW Default Airbases and Layouts

In this section we will list all the default SEOW airbases and layout types. By convention, grass and sand strips in SEOW are usually called “Fields”, while concrete strips are called “Airbases”. For each supported Airbase_Type we will list the corresponding airbases on the SEOW maps, and give a picture of the layout.

Full documentation is available in SEOW_Airbase_Layouts_v2.0.pdf.

SEOW v3.2 Extensions

Since this page was first written approximately 25 maps have been added to SEOW. That means many more airbases have been added plus many new airbase layouts (nearly 250 in total!!). Accordingly, we have had to revise airbase layout numbering. Previously normal airbase layouts were allocated numbers 1-99, temporary airbases 100-199 and seaplane bases 200+. From SEOW v3.2 onwards, the allocated ranges are: normal airbases 1-999, temporary airbases 1000-1999, seaplane bases 2000+. The general approach airbase layout design remains the same, as described in the PDF file in the above link, but please note that Airbase_Type numbering may have changed for airbases listed in the SEDB32 Airbases table. The Airbases table is the sole authoritative source for airbase layouts used at airfields in SEOW.

Latest layouts added for new maps

  • 65 + (168 to 199) + 2005 : English_Channel (CAN_Channel)
  • (296 to 301) + 2005 : Sardegna (vol_Sardegna)
  • (320 to 330) : France (ash_BoF)
  • (331 to 339) + 2005 : Philippines (dlv_Philippines)
  • (340 to 342) : Balaton
  • (343 to 352) + 1353 + 2005: Bessarabia Iasi and Bessarabia Odessa
  • (355 to 358): Kiev and Kiev_AP maps
  • (420 to 422) + 2005: Slot0842 map
  • (423 to 427) + 2005: Slot1042 map
  • (428 to 429) + 454 + 2005: Slot1242 map
  • (430 to 440) + 453 + 455 + 2005: Slot0743 map
  • (441 to 446) + (456 to 461) + 2005: Slot1043 map
  • (447 to 452) + (462 to 473) + 2005: Slot0144 map
  • (500 to 580) reserved for English Channel 1940 map