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SEOW Ground Movement Model

The methods by which ground movement is performed along highways and over bridges are discussed fully in the SEOW Complex Ground Movement document at Campaign administrators may choose to use different ground movement models for Axis and Allied armies, and may also vary the models throughout the campaign.

As of SEOW v3.2, campaign administrators may allocate different ground movement models to different vehicle classes on each side. For example, the administrator may choose to force Axis tanks to use Strict mode (slaved to roads at all times) but Normal mode for all other Axis vehicles, whilst allowing Allied vehicles and tanks to use Relaxed mode for greater mobility. This, together with variable fuel consumption rates for each side, allows extremely realistic logistical realism configurations for your campaign design.

Please note that trains are always slaved to the rail networks in campaigns, and that Spy units always have the benefit of Simple ground movement (i.e. independent of roads and bridges).

The "Route Blockages" feature has been added. Now you may see on some MP maps the following blockage icon:


This shows the location of a map building error where either the road or rail network has a blockage and related units may not pass through. Think of it as permanent earthworks, or massive bombing disruption. If you want to move through here you may have to be creative. For example, to shift freight by train, you may need two trains, one either side of the blockage. Use the Freight tools in the MP to unload from one side and load onto the other. In wartime, transportation disruptions were VERY common.