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Main Page

After a mission has been flown the log file from that mission is analyzed using the DCS. During this process the scoring statistics are generated. Points are awarded for objects (aircraft, vehicles, tanks, ships) that are confirmed kills as listed in the log file. Due to the foibles of the IL-2 game code, not all kills that the pilot sees on-screen are actually listed in the log file. SEOW only looks at the log file when assessing kills and losses. The exception to this is when the "Enforce Pilot Landings" campaign option is used. In this case, any pilot who does not cause a "landed" or "emergency landed" message to be written to the log file will be deemed KIA by SEOW and his/her aircraft assumed crashed.

These statistics can be accessed by selecting the Campaign Statistics button on the sector screen. The available campaign statistics hyperlinks are displayed. To view the statistics for a sector click on the hyperlink.

The main statistics page details the number of missions run, the total kills/losses for each side, the cumulative stats and scores for all pilots who have participated so far, and hyperlinks to the individual mission scoreboards. The individual mission scoreboards detail the types of units destroyed and who shot who information amongst other things. Following the links deeper uncovers detailed chronological events listings for each mission and comprehensive pilot histories.