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Functions "Reject latest way-point" or "Reject All Way-points"

These options work badly (in IE, fine in Firefox with IETab) if you leave your mouse on the map zone. Put the mouse pointer on the neutral zone (to the left of the map).

Automatic escorts

For a quick programming of plane missions, think : Automatic escorts ! Their waypoints will be instantly drawn.

Saves and Maintenance

It is strongly recommended to perform a save of the database just before downloading a mission (Build) and just after (Analyze) if your DCS and database are located on separate machines over the internet. A dropout of communications between the console DCS and the MySQL server could make big coherence problems in your campaign database.

Reinforcement Missions :

If this option was not disabled in DCS, these can be used by human pilots. The reinforcement aircraft normally have only one waypoint to their destination, but human pilots will be able to change this mission plan en route as they see fit. Another way to do it is to commission these planes at an "off-map" destination. In this case, they will stay on the reinforcement point until human pilots task them. It is a good means to reserve planes without mobilizing them (if they are not piloted by a human).

Airbase Supply

SEOW can cancel some aircraft missions through lack of fuel on the air base (other than through enemy action or unpredictable mechanical breakdown) if the supply option in the DCS was checked. To provide an airbase with fresh supplies quickly, the best means is to order a "transfer" of supply by multiple transport aircraft. This method is more efficient than a transfer of "supply" which mobilizes only one plane. This method is much quicker than by a truck transport, but of course you must protect your transport aircraft as they fly the mission!

Combined Operations

When a recon mission is performed (by a human pilot only), you can also do another task (like ground attack, bombing) when the plane allows it. In this case, it is necessary to program this mission with a recon photograph and to load bombs in plane. This only works if the DCS "Enforce Loadouts" option is OFF and you are not flying a pure fighter plane.

Task Forces

Don't make really big Task Forces, as they are easy to detect and make easy targets for the enemy. The exception here is naval Task Forces. Naval Task Forces can be quite large for flak defence, but they can be very tough on frame rates. It is a good idea to combine units in ground Task Forces. For example, if they contain at least one fuel transport truck and one morale-influencing unit (e.g. staff car), then you can avoid empty fuel or low morale for a long time! If the enemy destroys your fuel truck or staff car, then you need to get some replacements there as soon as possible.

Pilot Reports

You can include a link towards a screenshot photograph of your recon using classic BBCode syntax : [url =] xxx [/url] or [Img] xxx [/img].

Bridge Destruction

It is a very efficient method to stop enemy troops. But it is important to know the campaign settings: a bridge can be repaired automatically after a fixed time (e.g. 2 hours) or it may require an engineer unit for a fixed time. Be careful! A bridge destroyed to stop the enemy will also hinder your counter-attack.


Engineer units can demolish all infrastructure that is in their control radius. Be careful! The demolition is very efficient... If you apply this demolition attack to an airbase threatened by the enemy, this base will be destroyed (all planes and supply included). To make the airbase active again it will be necessary to capture it or for an enemy unit to capture it!

How to use of IL2's additional cards and Mods By Default, SEOW affects automatically unflayable planes to AI. If you want to use them, edit "Object_Specifications" table, search a specific plane and replace "Control = AI" by "Control = Human". Since 3.2 SEOW release, to used Mods is more easy. The History SFX Mods is fully compatible with SEOW if thos setting is checked in DCS.

How to simulate a radar ... Near South coast of England for example... A specific type of vehicle (to use it only for this role) is put in pillar bridge (like exist them on English_Channel map - English Side).

How to Load / Unload Cargo Ships

Move your Cargo to within 3000 Meters (3 Km) of the Cargo Ship. Then upload the cargo to the ship using the Freight Tab. After loaded you can plot the course for the cargo ship. The Ship must be within 3000 meters (3 KM) from where you want to unload it and then you can unload the cargo using the Freight Tab. Note: You can load and waypoint your ship in the same mission.

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